Should I Stay on My Parents Health Insurance

should i stay on my parents health insurance

In 2010 in 2010, the Affordable Care Act made it possible for children younger than 26 years old to remain in their parent’s health insurance plans regardless of whether they were provided health insurance by the employer. This option benefited those who didn’t receive healthcare coverage from their employers at the time of their first […]

Does Health Insurance Cover PrEP

does health insurance cover PREP

Does health insurance cover PrEP? this is a question that has been asnwered several times but you need to have more light shed on this. On July 19th, 2021, The Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, and Treasury released new guidelines that clarifies the scope of PrEP (PrEP) as preventive care in the Affordable […]

Does Health insurance cover Testosterone therapy

does health insurance cover testosterone therapy

 Since testosterone replacement therapy is considered a “new” therapy, many patients ask us, “Does health insurance cover testosterone therapy for me?”  Most health insurance companies will cover the bulk of the costs of treatment for testosterone loss in males if you have a valid reason for needing it.  Naturally, the sum your insurance policy covers […]

How does Health Insurance work


A lot of people ask how does health insurance work? A health insurance plan is an agreement between a person and an insurance company, also known as the insurance company. Since the insured person pays an annual premium, the insurance company either partly or completely takes care of the individual’s medical expenses, which include doctor’s […]

Does health insurance cover removal of fibroid

insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery 1

One of the top questions patients ask when they are identified with fibroids is whether insurance plans cover their removal. If you’re experiencing the painful effects of Uterine fibroids, The first thing you should be concerned about is the cost of treatment. Before you reach out to inquire about the extent to which your insurance […]

Who is an insurance guarantor?


If someone cannot cover their expenses or reach the deadlines set by their insurance company, guaranteeing companies can help them fulfill their contract so that they can make their payments on time. They help people with financial struggles pay back their loans until they can repay the insurance guarantor. Knowing what an insurance guarantor does […]

Get insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery

insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery

Health insurance and breast reduction Patients believe that any surgery considered reconstructive is covered by insurance if it is medically necessary. Many patients also believe that a procedure is not covered and medically necessary if it is classified as cosmetic. Breast reduction is considered cosmetic surgery for insurance purposes. However, the patient must prove that […]

Does Dental Insurance Cover Implants

dental implants

It can be difficult to find clear answers regarding what is covered by dental insurance and health insurance, especially when it comes to specialty procedures such as tooth extraction. Many patients ask if their insurance covers the cost of dental implant treatments. However, it depends on which type of insurance you have. UNDERSTANDING DENTAL INSURED […]

4 Ways Men Can Maximize Their Weight Loss Journey Using a Treadmill

using a treadmill

There are many exercises for weight loss, including swimming and cycling. However, one other way is using a treadmill. It’s one of the best exercise machines to lose weight because it encourages cardio, which burns a huge amount of calories quickly. While jogging and sprinting are common uses of a treadmill, there are more efficient […]

Individual Health Insurance Plans

individual medical insurance

There may be reasons that people require a private or individual health insurance plan. For instance, if you don’t have health insurance coverage through your employer, are in the middle of a job and insurance policies, or you’re interested in knowing about alternatives or you are thinking about an insurance supplement. There are ways for getting insurance. Some […]