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cardio exercises

Are you happy with your body? Probably not. What you see in the mirror is the result of what you eat and your lifestyle. You probably want to lose weight, and you do not know where to start. Here I will mention the best cardio workouts for weight loss and why they are the solution.

Today, you have a very hectic pace of life. You spend the day running back and forth. When you are hungry, you eat the first thing you have at hand. Inevitably, this causes your body to suffer and start gaining unhealthy fat without noticing it, and by the time you realize it, it is too late. So, what is the best method to lose weight but also not harm your health?

Cardio exercises are one of the best ways one can lose weight. They are the most widely used methods to lose weight and keep a healthy body. Daily exercises and a balanced diet are crucial to weight loss.

Go to the gym or do cardio at home? We all have doubts about that question. The truth is that either option is valid. Here I will propose a small list of good cardio workouts. You decide how, when, and where.

Why is cardio training an excellent way to lose weight?

Cardiovascular exercises involve the movement of the body’s largest muscles for a long time. The more we train, the more fat we burn.

Good cardio workouts include long-term sessions. During that time, the body depletes glycogen reserves and takes the energy accumulated in the fat. This energy is slowly delivered. This means the body manages to produce energy from fats but at a low rate. However, it is more stable than the energy that comes from glycogen reserves. To achieve that fat-burning, physical exercise must be low-moderate intensity (a heart rate of 120-150 ppm to 50-70%) and long-lasting.

As a rule, we talk about cardio exercise when we exercise for at least 30 minutes and with a minimum intensity of 50% to burn calories and lose weight efficiently.

Cardio workouts involve the body’s constant oxygen utilization. That burns the accumulated fat when used as fuel when glycogen reserves in the body are low. That is why they are becoming more popular when we talk about losing weight.

push ups

Some prefer to do cardio at home to avoid crowds in gyms. Others love going to the gym and doing good cardio workouts. We can make our own decisions. The important thing is to choose between the best cardio workouts for weight loss and start moving the body as soon as possible.

When to do cardio exercises?

Although you can do cardio workouts at any time of the day, the best time is during the morning. The benefits of these exercises increase during the early hours because metabolism is faster.

The level of glycogens is low because the body has used them overnight for the basic processes. With your cardio routine in the morning, you will burn fat and get better results.

The number of repetitions will depend on your resistance, which will increase over time. Do not hesitate to consult with an expert about the number of appropriate repetitions of each exercise. Like all physical activity, you should start with basic exercises to slowly train the body and avoid injury.

Before your daily routine, do not forget to warm up. It is crucial to warm up our muscles for better results. Heating exercises can include weights, abs, or plates.

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After the exercise program, you must also do some stretches to numb the muscles. If you experience any unexpected doubt or pain without apparent cause, it is best to consult your doctor.

You know everything you need to take the first step. Now let us see what the best cardio workouts for weight loss are.

Tabata Training

Tabata circuit training involves doing several different exercises consecutively without rest between series. It is a good cardio workout for those who want to lose weight in a few days. You have to make a great effort, but the results are worth it.

sit ups

Start by performing some repetitions for one exercise and then immediately move on to the next. At the end of the first round, you will rest for up to two minutes and then repeat the round as many times as possible. You can rotate between any machine or exercise. In your daily routine, you can include:

– Reverse lunge.  – Mountain Climbers.

– Push-ups.  – Squats with jumping

Tabata training is a variant of HIIT training, in which you have to exercise for a time of 20 seconds and then rest 10 seconds for a total of 8 sessions. After these eight rounds, which equate to 4 minutes, switch to your next exercise.

HIIT workouts

HIIT training, also known as high-intensity interval training, alternates periods of intense exertion with recovery periods.


It is a good cardio workout because it helps save time, but it’s also more effective when losing fat. Some studies indicate that people who run interval training may lose 28.5% more total fat than those who do moderate-intensity workouts at a steady pace.

How to do a HIIT workout?

Warm up moderately for five minutes and then increase your pace to total effort for one minute.

Run at a moderate velocity (6.5 km/h on the treadmill) for 2 minutes.

Repeat these exercises five times. Try to work harder now.

Relax muscles for five minutes.

If you are starting with your workout, you do not have to rush. You can start with a mix of walking and running so you can adapt to training. But as you get in shape, it is crucial to increase the intensity of your exercise.

Cardio routine: 20 minutes to lose weight.

This 20-minute weight loss cardio routine has four stages. Each of them lasts 5 minutes. The idea is that in each of the blocks, you can work differently on your cardiovascular capacity. You will combine HIIT training with cardio stationery, softer and more moderate.

First stage

Do some of the following cardiovascular activities for five minutes:

  • Jump-roping.
  • Rowing
  • Static bike
  • Running
  • Elliptical bike

Try these physical activities at a moderate pace. It means you do not have to focus on printing as fast as you can. Do it moderately and continuously. So do not stop at any time.

Second stage

In this second phase, you are going to do only two exercises. Besides, the training mechanics will be as follows:

Burpees. In 2:30 minutes, do as many repetitions as you can of this exercise.

Jumping jacks: do another 2:30 minutes. It is better if you can write down the number of total repetitions. Thus, we will be able to keep a soundtrack of our performance.

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Third stage

For 5 minutes, you will have to do the maximum possible sessions in this training circuit. You should count the number of sessions. In this way, you will know if you have achieved some progress by performing a cardio routine for 20 minutes to lose weight.

This stage should include:

  • 10 Squats with bodyweight
  • 5 Push-ups
  • 10 Mountain climbers

Fourth stage

It is the same as the first stage. That is, you must choose one of the activities described above. You can choose the same, or switch to another one. The only important thing is doing the same cardiovascular activities that we performed in the first and fourth stages.

A simple routine for losing weight at home

Maybe you have no time to go to the gym and prefer exercising at home. Here we recommend one of the best cardio workouts for weight loss in your home.


Run in place for 15 seconds. Move your arms to the beat and raise your knees as high as you can. Keep your back straight but relaxed.

When you finish the first session, repeat it for 20 seconds. In the third round, go for 30 seconds!

Exercise 3 times and increase the duration of the exercise.

Jumping jacks

Jumps by opening your legs. Open your arms up until your hands touch your head. Close your legs as you lower your arms to the sides of your body.

Do it non-stop for 30 seconds and then rest for 15-20 seconds.

Squat jumping

Jump and fall squat, grab momentum with your arms and do it again. Repeat for 30 seconds and rest 15-20.


To do this exercise, you have to take steps forward. First with one leg and then with the other, flexing your knees at an angle of 90 grades, with your back straight and your abdomen contracted.


Stand in plank position, arms outstretched, your back straight, and your abdomen contracted. Bring as fast as you can your knees to your chest. Do the exercise as fast as you can.

With this cardio workout, you can lose up to 500 calories a day. You will start seeing the results from the third week. You will start seeing the results from the third week.

How to lose weight at the gym?

Many prefer gym equipment to lose weight. Here is a list of the best ways to achieve your goals with machines.

Weight-loss exercises with rowing machines

A rowing machine is an ideal companion for weight loss in the gym since this cardio workout involves many muscles and body areas. Indoor rowing is a comprehensive activity that will help us quickly consume calories.

rowing exercise

To achieve your goals, you can follow these lines of work:

Try to contract your abdominal muscles while you are in surgery.

Start the exercise by adapting intensity to your characteristics and needs. Increase the endurance and speed of the training progressively.

Alternate movements; Do not always row the same way. Start with a series by taking your arms to your abdomen, then lift them, turn right, to the left. The key is dynamism.

Weight-loss exercises with indoor cycle bikes

Exercising with an indoor cycle bike will help you strengthen your under-train while increasing your physical endurance and weight loss. The mechanics are simple. Get on this fitness machine and pedal.

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However, several factors will make you manage to lose weight and lose weight faster. Varies the pace, speed, and difficulty of workouts.

exercise bike

Up and down. Do not sit around during all the training and pedal standing.

If you are attending a collective indoor cycle class, follow the monitor’s directions as much as possible.

Weight-loss exercises with functional training machines

The great thing about useful training machines and even multifunction machines is their varied possibilities. Thanks to its different seasons, you can perform other routines to lose weight with dynamism, creating an exercise circuit to fulfill this purpose.

One of the latest trends and the exercises that you like the most is the so-called battle ropes consisting of rope training in which you try to move and shake quickly, always with your body in a neutral position.

Designing a good cardio workout

To achieve better results with cardio exercises, you should combine strength and endurance exercises. Never compare the intensity of the cardio exercises with that of training to gain muscle mass.

cardio for weight loss

Weight-loss workouts are always distinguished by high intensity while maintaining short pause times between series. The key to success is introducing some special resistance training so that your body gets used to exercising.

Features of a weight loss training plan:

– Strength training to maintain muscle.

– Resistance training to burn fat.

– High-intensity exercises

If you want to lose weight effectively, design a train schedule for the week. It should include 3 to 4 training sessions. Weight loss as a target is not coupled with an extremely high training load of 5 to 7 sessions per week. Maybe you feel under stress when trying to lose weight, which can lead to a caloric deficit. Therefore, plan a sufficient time to regenerate to avoid overstepping with training or cardiovascular system overload.


If you do not know how to lower your belly and give your body an excellent shape in record time, you should start doing more cardio exercises at the right intensity to burn excess fat.

The secret to a good cardio session is to exercise until you start sweating. After you start sweating, you must keep that pace for at least 20 minutes for the maximum fat-burning result.

Fat in the belly is associated with various health problems and diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. Specifically, the layer of fat in the abdomen that poses a health risk is the deepest because these “visceral” fat cells produce hormones and other substances that could impact health.

The best cardio workouts for weight loss do not have the job alone. They need all your effort and dedication. They are not magic formulas. You have to follow, step by step, all the indications if you want to get the expected results.

Cardio exercises are the best option for those who lose weight and stay healthy. You go to the gym or stay at home. You are going to need a lot of consistency, so you do not give up halfway. It is best to organize a schedule and force you to keep it to the letter.

If you combine cardio exercises with bodybuilding, your body will have a dazzling figure, but be careful to overload your muscles. Progress through your cardio workout progressively. It is best to exercise cautiously.

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