Best cardio workouts for women: goodbye to myths

Aerobics for women

Physical exercise is for men only. No! It is a myth that it has been in the past many years ago. The modern woman has been introduced to the fitness world and now they also have well-toned bodies. But how to achieve a challenge that seems impossible? The answer is very simple: the best cardio workouts for women open the doors to a different world.


The world has evolved and with it the customs and lifestyle of human beings. The role of women is increasingly important today. Gone are the days when the woman would stay home doing domestic chores while the man worked outside.

Women have played an important role in all spheres. Wearing a well-toned body is no longer exclusively for men. Now women can also have an enviable body thanks to physical workouts that were previously designed only for men.

Cardio for women is a dream come true. Today there are many types of workouts designed for women of different ages. Each age has its own challenges, with these exercises it is now easier to have a more pleasant life.

A good cardio workout for women is the key to entering a new world. Here is everything you need to know to make your body look more beautiful if that is possible.

Women and cardiovascular training

On a hormonal level, women and men are very different. The female hormone, estrogen, makes a women’s cardio workout have some specific characteristics. Burning fat and toning their muscles is more difficult for her. But do not panic because for this purpose, there are well-designed exercise routines that you can deal with easily.

Why is this happening? Estrogen makes women more resistant, so they are less susceptible to fatigue. This could be a big advantage. However, women need more training than men to tone muscles and burn fat.

Therefore, a cardio for women will have to be more intense. This means making more time for cardiovascular exercise to burn fats. You will also need to introduce different bodybuilding routines to tone your muscles for better results. It is ideal to design a routine including both cardiovascular and bodybuilding exercises to avoid flabbiness.

But it is not all bad news. There are shreds of evidence that women have more flexibility. Some exercise routines will be more for you, so you will have a better chance of training.

Another big difference from the woman is the menstrual period. Have you ever heard your grandmother say that during menstruation, you could not make practically any physical effort? Well, it is quite the opposite. During menstruation, the woman needs moderate exercises to combat the discomfort and have a better mood.

In short, cardiovascular training is highly recommended for women struggling to gain an important place in society. The idea of beauty has changed. Now the woman’s body also needs to look attractive and well-toned.

Advantages of cardiovascular exercise for women

We all know the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. Let us see how this type of training influences a woman’s body and mind. Best cardio workouts for women have the following advantages:

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– Helps fight depression: women are more likely to experience episodes of depression. Cardio for women is ideal for increasing blood endorphin levels producing a higher state of well-being.

– Helps prevent cancer: many scientific studies link breast cancers to loss of muscle mass. Cardiovascular exercise helps maintain firm muscles and therefore decreases the chance of tumors on the breasts.

– Stimulates the immune system: women undergo many changes during menopause. Physical exercise helps prevent unwanted effects such as osteoporosis or premature aging.

– Mitigate menstrual pains: Women experience a lot of discomfort during the menstrual cycle. Cardio exercise promotes blood circulation and helps relieve ailments caused by menstruation.

– Pregnancy help: Women who include cardiovascular exercises in their daily lives suffer fewer back pains during pregnancy.

-Noticeable skin enhancement: Cardio exercise promotes the loss of harmful substances in the body. Through sweating, we free ourselves from toxins, and the skin begins to become glow and smoothen.

– Boosts self-esteem: a healthy lifestyle helps women feel more confident and helps increase their productivity.

Here are enough arguments to rethink your life and start doing cardio exercises. Below we mention the best cardio workouts for women to make your life easier from now on.

Cardiovascular training routine for beginner women

If you have not decided yet to do a cardio workout for women, this is a perfect time. Lose those extra pounds and show off a well toned body for this summer. Besides, you will notice significant changes in your health and mood from day one.

Are you ready to try? We tell you, step by step, how to carry out a women’s cardio workout that will change your life. With only 5 exercises you can change your body!

Squats: 4 sessions of 15 to 20 repetitions. Squats are probably one of the best exercises to tone the lower parts of the body. It works with all the muscles of the legs and improves the flexibility of the hip. Try to bend down as much as you can. The ideal squat is the one that gets to place the hip below your knees while the torso stays straight.

Push-ups: 4 sessions from 10 to 15 repetitions. Push-ups are great exercises for the upper and abdominal trains, but many people have a hard time doing them. Start practicing progressively doing push-ups by leaning on the wall (or a tree if you were in the park). Then try on the ground supporting your knees and finally without knees resting only on your hands and feet. Try to bring your chest as close as you can to the ground, and do not separate your elbows too far from your torso.

Triceps: 4 sessions from 10 to 15 repetitions. You can use a bench or any surface. Women do triceps exercises to avoid the off-hooking of that part of their arms, which we find very hard to tone. 

Lunges: 4 sessions of 20 repetitions. They strengthen legs, and buttocks, so they are great exercises for women. This exercise will not only help you tone that area but also improve your flexibility.


Burpees: 3 sessions of 10 repetitions. It is one of the best exercises you can do as it combines flexion, a squat, and a jump. It is perfect for increasing metabolic expenditure and burning more calories.

You would rest for 1 minute between series and between exercises. With these tips, you can see a change in your body. And remember that it is never too late to start! 

Cardio exercises during menstruation

In the old days, people thought that women should not do any physical activity during their menstrual cycle or monthly flow. But science has shown that physical exercise helps combat the unwanted effects of those days.

cardio workout for women is ideal for decreasing menstrual pain and, in turn, being fit. There are several aerobic exercises you can do to have a less painful period:

– Footing.

– Cycling.

– Dancing.

– Running at a moderate pace.

– Jump roping.

Choosing one of them depends on your tastes. Therefore, the time and intensity of these exercises remain completely under your control. It is usually advisable to do 30 minutes of cardio training a day.

During the days of menstruation, you should not abuse exercises that involve a lot of strength. You have to focus on women’s cardio workout with low impact. The best thing before you start training is to do a good stretching session.

Stretches help lengthen, strengthen, and oxygenate muscles. Stretching exercises can benefit you at many levels; for example, it serves to relax muscle tissues, lubricate joints, and decrease cramping, abdominal, and lower back pains.

This type of exercises that work in your body and favor to relax your muscles and prevent menstrual ailments.

Cardio workout to combat menopause

Women experience huge changes in their bodies during the menopausal period. Metabolism changes and requires other exercises to combat symptoms such as osteoporosis. 

The best cardio workouts for women between the age of 40 and 50 also include strength exercise routines to help increase muscles, reduce fat, and strengthen bones. This prevents osteoporosis and bone loss. The complicated areas that many menopausal women want to tone are the abs, legs, and back of the arms. Seek help from a dietitian before starting any diet 

Cardio for women at these ages may include the following workouts:

Jogging: Walking is a low-impact exercise that helps you burn fats and calories. You can practice this activity on a treadmill or outdoors. Walk at a fast and energetic pace. It is advisable to walk 30 minutes a day, most days of the week. You can also practice the activity longer if you want to lose weight. If you are fit and willing to challenge your body, try running or jogging.

Leg push-ups: this women’s cardio workout work with the muscles in the lower part of the body. You can use weights or not. Start by standing with your feet open aligned with your hips, with or without dumbbells in your hands. Lower your body to the ground like you are sitting in a chair. Hold that position for a moment start over. Perform three sessions from 8 to 12 repetitions.

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Chest press: The chest press is an exercise that works the muscles of the chest and back of the arms. Lie on your back with dumbbells on your hands. Lift the weights in a straight line until you reach the center of your chest. Join the dumbbells at the end of the movement and then slowly descend to the starting position. Choose a weight that involves such a challenge that the last three repetitions are difficult for you. Perform three sessions from 8 to 12 repetitions.

Rowing with dumbbells: Rowing with weights works the muscles of the back. Start by standing with your feet open to line with your hips and dumbbells in your hands. Bend forward from your waist so that your chest faces the ground. The arms should be on both sides, and the weights should hang to the ground. Raise your dumbbells until your hands reach chest height. The movement resembles the one you make to turn on a lawnmower. Perform three sessions of 8 to 12 repetitions.

Triceps exercises: Triceps exercises help you work on the back of your arms. Start in the same position as bar rowing. Raise the dumbbells so that the hands rest on the sides of the chest. Stretch your elbows back and slowly return to the starting position. Perform three sessions from 8 to 12 repetitions.

Bicep exercises: Bicep exercises allow you to work on the front of your arms to tone or model them. Stand with your dumbbells on your sides. Slowly, bring the weights to your shoulders by flexing your elbows. Wait a moment and start over. Perform three sessions from 8 to 12 repetitions.


The modern woman has managed to break down all the barriers. He has managed to enter a world that seemed dominated by men. Thanks to a women’s cardio workout, now the woman not only wears beautiful hair and face, but she also has an enviable body.

Depending on the stage of life you are in presently, there is a cardio workout for women, specially designed to combat the unwanted effects of exclusive female phases of life.

For younger women, there are very comprehensive cardio exercise routines. These can deter in intensity during the days of menstruation. On the other hand, there are also very challenging workouts for those going through the menopause period.

Practice at home or in the gym. You can choose the place and time. Stop apologies for lack of time. Organize your activities better, and you will see how you can have at least half an hour to exercise three times a week.

Time and age are not enough excuses to give up a well-toned body. It does not matter your fitness or how busy you are. Book a time of day for cardio exercise, and you will start noticing its benefits instantly.

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