8 Best Cardio for fat loss fast

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Are you tired of seeing no results with your diet and home-workout? If yes, it’s about time you notch it up. Read the Best Cardio For Fat Loss.

People often believe that cutting down on carbs and adopting a calorie-deficit diet can help achieve the shape they are looking for, and as flawed as the concept is, it is far from the truth.

It is of utmost importance to incorporate workouts into the routine, precisely cardio or weight-lifting, to see magnificent results.

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A curious mind may ask, what is stubborn fat, and where does it usually reside? Allow us to explain it to you. In simple words, it can be described as the fat that takes the longest to wear off.

Numerous factors, such as hormones, contribute to the fat deposits in certain areas near the waist, hips, upper arms, and thighs.

No hard-and-fast rules exist that the fat will only deposit at the areas mentioned earlier, but they are notorious for hosting the cruelest of the kind.

One of the best ways to get rid of it is by adopting cardio workouts; they are efficient in helping break down the fat that refuses to go away.

What is Cardio?

Cardiovascular exercise, or cardio exercise, is a form of operation that increases the number of beats per second in the heart. As a result, heart rate enters into the target range. The term target heart rate zone is used to describe the rate at which cardio exercise should be performed to ensure that the heart is not subjected to undue stress.

A significant rise is seen in the levels of oxygen and blood flow throughout the body. The muscles are used rhythmically repeatedly, which poses a challenge to the vital organs, especially to the heart, thus enhancing the functionality.

The intensity of the workout varies accordingly to the person’s capability; there are three levels:

  1. High-Intensity: It is regarded as the most challenging level of cardio exercise, and beginners are advised not to jump directly into this level as it requires approximately 75–80% of the heart’s maximum rate.
  2. Moderate-Intensity: If someone feels like challenging themselves but is not ready for high-intensity, this level is just the right fit. The requirement is 50–60% of the heart’s maximum rate.
  3. Low-intensity: The most manageable level has been kept for the warm-up session before workouts. It only requires 50% or less of the heart’s maximum rate.
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The intensity chosen determines the number of calories that will be burnt. One may ask, what makes cardio exercise efficient? The answer is the increased heart rate. As the beats per second increase, the number of calories burnt by the body increases simultaneously. Everything works together systematically.

Best cardio for fat loss:

  1. HIIT:

The most popular type of cardio workout is the HIIT — High-Intensity Interval Training is a type in which the body is tested with challenging exercises, in which the heart is at 80% of its capacity, with small intervals in between each set. It helps enhance the endurance and stamina of a person.

cardio exercise

HIIT training requires expertise and prior experience. As a beginner, it may seem attractive from afar, as it has been the talk of the town since quite sometimes, but the reality from up close is bitter. Try to incorporate basic cardio exercises into your routine before jumping onto the HIIT bandwagon.

2. Jump rope: 

Many childhood memories are associated with a jump rope. As a matter of fact, many of us may have a scar on our knees from when they fell on the ground and their feet got tangled with the rope. But did you know jump rope is a fantastic cardio workout? The best part is that they are incredibly cheap and can be done almost anywhere without any hindrance. Experts claim it is possible to burn around 200–300 calories from a 30-minute jump rope session, making them highly beneficial for fat loss. However, it is not possible to jump for 30-minutes without a break. Therefore, it is advised to proceed with the exercise with small breaks.

3. Cycling:

Cycling has been a fun way to bond with your parents during childhood — however, it’ not the only thing it can be used to achieve. Cycling is an admired form of cardio exercise that almost everyone enjoys, even those who dread exercise in any form.

If you are looking to focus solely on the lower part of your body, i.e., hips, thighs, and calves, cycling is your new best friend. Furthermore, it is reported that one hour of cycling can burn 400–450 calories every day.

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4. Burpees:

Looking for a workout that involves the whole body at once? Don’t worry; Burpees have got you covered. This type of cardio exercise focuses on almost every part of the body. However, it is not easy to master the art of burpees as they are highly intense.

5. Running up and down the stairs?

Are you helpless at the hands of your busy schedule and find it hard to make time for a workout? If yes, then this is just the right thing for you. Running up and down the stairs is considered a cardio exercise and can prove to be beneficial. An average of approximately 500 calories can be burned by this method.

6. Mountain climbers:

Do not get alarmed; no one is asking you to climb mountains in the name of cardio exercise. Mountain climbers are a trendy cardio workout that requires balancing yourself in a plank position while simultaneously bringing your knees forward and backward. It works miraculously.

7. Swimming:

The role of swimming cannot be emphasized enough as some people like to call it the perfect cardio exercise. It helps increase endurance, and the overall stress on the heart is relatively less.

cardio exercise

If you are thinking about getting into shape and having a swimming pool nearby, consider yourself the chosen one.

8. Sprinting:

Many people believe that jogging and sprinting are synonymous with each other. Sorry to break the bubble, but the concept is highly inaccurate. Sprinting involves running but at a speedy pace for a short period, unlike jogging which involves a monotonous maintained pace. It helps burn a large number of calories which intensifies the rate of fat loss.

The role of cardio exercise in maintaining health:

  1. Cardiovascular disease:

Cardio exercise increases the overall functioning of the heart, increasing the flow of blood throughout the body, and thereby helps to prevent major cardiovascular diseases. Experts agree that it helps control LDL levels, which reduces the risk of diseases linked to cholesterol and regulates blood pressure.

2. Immune system:

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A research study was conducted where a group of women were required to engage in different cardio exercises. The results indicated that every single woman had shown increased levels of a specific type of protein, immunoglobin, which strengthens the immune system. Therefore, cardio exercise was proven to be highlight effective for immunity.

3. Healthy Lungs:

A pair of solid and healthy lungs bonds perfectly with excellent physical performance. As mysterious as it may sound, the reason behind it is straightforward: cardio exercises increase the rate of oxygen absorption by producing new alevolis. Consequently, the lungs become healthy, which ensures adequate supply to the muscles in the body. Thus, improving the overall performance.

4. Mental Health:

There’s no denying that cardio exercise plays a direct role in maintaining mental health. Not only does it stimulate the release of endorphins, but it also increases the secretion of various other neurotransmitters present inside the brain that play an important role in maintaining the mood of a person.

5. Brain function:

As we all know, cardio exercises increase the blood supply throughout the body. As a result, the brain gets a healthy amount of blood, oxygen, and the required nutrients, which increases the chance of improving cognitive function. Improved cognitive function can help one make mindful decisions and understand the surroundings with more clarity.


Getting into shape is not an easy task, as it requires determination, consistency, and passion for turning around life, getting into shape, and regaining your confidence. Apart from the help to recover the lost confidence, losing fat also protects from multiple ailments that can become life-threatening over time and provides relief to patients with depression and anxiety.

Cardio exercise is fun and exciting, but it is essential to maintain the frequency and intensity of workouts required for the purpose. The benefits associated with cardio are unlimited, which attracts thousands of people every day. Therefore, make cardio exercise a part of your lifestyle and never limit it to only fat loss.

If working out alone makes it hard to maintain motivation, try joining a support group where people from different backgrounds come together for the exact cause. So, get up and start right now.

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