Did you recently buy a gym membership? This article contains everything you need to know about the best exercise machines to lose weight fast.

According to statistics, the gym witnesses a 75–80% increase in memberships at the start of every year. However, the majority of them are wasted.

It is because of the overwhelmingly busy lifestyle people have, lack of motivation and knowledge about machines, and mainly because some people find the environment uncomfortable.

In such a situation, building a home gym sounds convenient. Either way, it is important to research and have knowledge about the equipment to understand the mechanics and benefits it can provide. 


1. Treadmill

One of the easiest and common weight loss machines is a treadmill. It is available in almost every gym and even in some households.

The most exciting part about the machine is that it can burn a huge amount of calories in a very short period. Therefore, if you struggle with time management but are focused on losing weight, the treadmill is your new friend. 



  • Walking/Jogging is a widely admired form of exercise but going to the park is often a hassle.
  • It allows people to walk/jog in the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, the machine is simple to use, and the settings are easy to understand. 
  • The speed of the machine can be adjusted according to the person’s capability. 
  • It is the perfect weight-loss companion as it burns calories much faster than other weight-loss machines. 
  • Other than weight loss, it can help people with diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases manage their health with minimal effort. 


  • Using the same type of machine every day can get monotonous and boring. 
  • They require high maintenance, and often the maintenance fees are high. 
  • The machines are exceptionally huge, so they tend to take up a lot of space. If you plan on buying one to place in your room, re-evaluate your decision. 


  • Always wear proper running shoes before starting the exercise. 
  • Never leave the machine running.
  • Do not attempt to stand on a running treadmill. 

2. Stationary Bicycle:

Stationary bicycles are one of the most favorite weight-loss machines to exist. It is exciting to use and helps strengthen the muscles present in the lower body.

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Even though cycling is an excellent activity, some risk factors are attached to it as the roads are not safe and there may be a chance of an accident.

These machines provide the experience of cycling in a secure environment. 

static bike


  • It is highly effective in weight loss as one hour on this machine can burn upto 600 calories. 
  • Interval training, especially HIIT, can be done easily with the help of this machine. 
  • It is highly comfortable and easy to use within homes. 
  • It can help improve cardiovascular health and enhance ventilation in the lungs. 
  • The intensity can be managed accordingly. 
  • Do not require frequent maintenance. 


  • Indoor cycling is not as refreshing and thrilling as outdoor cycling, because of which some may find it boring. 
  • The amount of calories burned by a stationary bicycle is comparatively less than a treadmill. 


  • Adjust the seat of the machine properly to avoid any spine injury. 
  • Do not over-work yourself. 

3. Ab Roller Machine:

Imagine its summer soon, and you need that perfect summer body, especially abs. If you are confused about how to achieve the perfect abs for your vacation, Ab Roller Machine is here for your rescue. It focuses on the core, which aids in fat loss around the stomach region. To exercise on this machine is not a piece of cake, as it can be really challenging. It’s like doing crunches, but 10x harder. 

abs roller


  • The machine is easy to use and compact. Therefore, it can be placed even in small rooms without any problem. 
  • It doesn’t require electricity, so do not worry about the electricity bills. 
  • It helps strengthen the core and lower body, improving balance and helping with fat loss. 
  • It builds up stamina. 
  • These machines are very affordable. 
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  • If the machine is not used with caution, it may result in injury. 
  • It can cause stomach discomfort in rare cases. 


  • Always use the machine in a spacious room. 

4. Stepper

Did you know that running up and down the stairs is an effective way of burning calories? However, the practice may seem inconvenient. To overcome the problem and promote fat loss, a stepper is an excellent choice. It stimulates an environment of climbing the stairs while providing benefit to the user. It targets the glutes, calves, and core. 


  • It is the perfect machine for people who wish to perform a cardio exercise. 
  • It promotes weight loss by burning large amounts of calories. 
  • It improves cardiovascular endurance. 
  • It is regarded as the perfect machine for low-impact workouts. 


  • The machine is not ideal for building muscles. 
  • It may produce strain on the knees and lower back. 
  • Not easily movable as they are heavy. 


  • Maintain proper posture whilst using the machine to avoid injury. 
  • Avoid performing the exercise at an advanced pace to minimize stress on the knees and lower back. 

5. Rowing machine: 

Are you looking to build muscles and stamina together? If yes, you should reach out for the rowing machine. It gives a full-body workout experience and helps improve posture.

All in all, it’s the perfect workout machine when it comes to weight loss and muscle strength. 

rowing machine


  •  Whether someone is an amateur or an expert, the machine welcomes everyone. It’s not confined for use to only a certain group of people.
  • The machine is low-impact, which means it doesn’t strain the joints. 
  • It can burn around 150–200 calories within 30 minutes. 
  • It is beneficial for the heart and lungs. 


  • The machine can take up a lot of space in the room
  • It can often result in stress on the lower back. 
  • The machine can be heavy on the pocket. 


  • Keep minimal resistance at the start of the workout. 

6. Inclined trainer:

Bored of the old-fashioned treadmill and want to spice things up? Opt for the inclined trainers, which stimulate the experience of climbing a hill. It focuses on building the muscles in the lower part of the body, provides a thrilling workout experience and burns fat at a faster rate as compared to other machines. 

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  • The average amount of calories burnt is higher than a normal treadmill. 
  • It improves stamina and builds muscle,
  • It’s excellent for people with cardiovascular diseases. 


  • The machine should be placed in a spacious room. 


  • Do not use the machine at a very high speed for the first few days. Gradually increase the intensity over time. 

7. Stability ball:

Do you want to have fun while working out? Gym balls are the most entertaining workout facilitators. It’s easily available in the market and helps burns lots of calories. Moreover, they make stretching an easy and fun task. 

stability ball


  • It improves mobility and flexibility. 
  • The overall balance and stability are increased. 
  • It provides the experience of a marvelous cardio workout.
  • The equipment is very affordable and easy to use.


  • It should be used with care as the probability of suffering from an injury is high. 
  • Consider supervision if it’s your first time using a stability ball. 


  • The stability ball should be used in a spacious room away from sharp objects to avoid any mishap. 


Losing weight is a tedious and long process. Therefore, do not try to rush it. Some people consider going to a gym as a daunting task. In such cases, building a home gym seems like a brilliant idea.

It may cost a leg and an arm, but it’s important to think about the money that will be saved from the gym memberships.

Especially during these hard times, where the world is suffering at the hands of a deadly virus, a home gym may keep you safe and healthy as gyms can be a health hazard because of the number of people that visit every day.

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