Don’t You Wish That You Could See Some Faster Results From Your Workouts? Well, Luckily, There Are At Best Way To Burn Fat At The Gym. From Every One Of Your Workouts And As Long As You’re Not Bombing With Your Diet, The Methods That I’m About To Share With You Can Help Accelerate Your Progress.

Best Way to burn fat at the gym

The following are the best ways to burn fat at the gym.


So the first one I’d like to discuss is something called E.M.O.M, or Every Minute On The Minute, and I’m not only going to explain how to do it, but I’m also going to give you a full free E.M.O.M workout for beginners.

E.M.O.M Is A Form Of Interval Training In Which You Would Perform A Given Amount Of Reps Within A 1 Minute Timeframe, Then For Whatever Portion Of That 1 Minute Timeframe That’s Left Over After You’ve Completed Your Required Reps, That Portion Would Be Spent As Your Break Time, And Then You Would Start Your Next Set.


A Simple Example Would Be To Perform 15 Reps Of Push-ups Every Minute For 5 Rounds. Let’s Say It Takes You 20 Seconds To Do Your First Round Of 15 Push-ups. That Means That You Have 40 Seconds Of Rest Left Before Going For Your Next Set Of 15.

Let’s Say That On Your Second Set It Took You A Full 30 Seconds To Perform Your 15 Push-ups. Now You Would Only Have 30 Seconds Of Rest Before Moving On To Your Next Round.


So I’m Sure You Can Already See That As The Rounds Go By, It’s Gonna Get Harder And Harder And You’re Gonna Be More And More Likely To Hit Failure. If You’re Completing The Rounds At The Very Last Second And Then You Have No Time To Take A Break, Then You Need To Make Adjustments Either To Your Rep Range Or To The Amount Of Weight That You’re Using.

There Should Always Be At Least A Couple Seconds Of Rest Within Each Minute Long Cycle. Then, After Completing All 5 Rounds, You Would Take A Full 1 To 2 Minute Break Before Beginning The Next Exercise For Another 5 Rounds In Which You Would Once Again Go Every Minute On The Minute.

This Kind Of A Workout Can Simply Be Added On To The End Of Your Regular Weight Training Workout As A Short 15 Minute Finisher To Help You Burn Extra Calories Or You Can Stick To An E.M.O.M Interval Training Style For Your Entire Workout Session

Program Your E.M.O.M Workouts

You Can Also Program Your E.M.O.M Workouts For Whatever Your Goals Are, So If You’re Training For Endurance, You Might Go With A High Rep Range, Like 15 Or More Reps Using Light Weight. We’ll Leave You With Very Short Breaks At The End Of Each Round.

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On The Other Hand, If You’re Training For Strength, You May Want To Only Do Three Reps Of A Heavyweight For Each Minute Long Round. The Free E.M.O.M Workout That I’m Including is Meant to Replace An Hour-Long Workout.

You Can, Of Course, Just Do A Small Portion Of The Work Out As A Short 15-Minute Finisher Instead, But If You’re Doing The Whole Thing, It’ll Take You An Hour And It’s Specifically Aimed At Getting Your Heart Rate Up Higher To Help You Burn More Calories As Well As Body Fat And I’ll Explain That Workout To You Guys In Detail In A Bit.

Cardio Acceleration

But It’ll Also Be Combining E.M.O.M With Another Very Effective Training Strategy Known As Cardio Acceleration, Which Is Our Second Way To Get More Done And Less Time At The Gym. Cardio Acceleration Will Have You Combining Weight Training Exercises With Aerobic Cardio Exercises.

The Great Thing Is That You Can Pretty Much Incorporate It Into Any Weight Training Workout That You’re Currently Doing. You Will Structure Your Weight Training Workout The Same As Always Except Instead Of Taking A Two To Three Minute Break After Every One Of Your Sets, You Would Now Just Throw In 30 To 60 Seconds Of Cardio Immediately After Completing Your Set With The Weights And Then After The Cardio Exercise, You Then Take A Break.

Now When I Say Cardio, I Don’t Want To Give You The Wrong Idea. Your 30 to 60 seconds of cardio between your sets doesn’t have to be a traditional form of cardio like running on a treadmill, cycling or stair climbing.


Although It Can Be A Cardio Machine, It Can Also Be Something Like 30 To 60 Seconds Of Burpees, Or Mountain Climbers, Or Squat Jumps. Regardless Of Whether You Do A Cardio Machine Or An Aerobic Exercise, You’re Gonna Be Able To Get A Lot More Done In Less Time With Cardio Acceleration, But To Ensure That You’re Not Negatively Affecting Your Strength, You’ll Want To Work Opposite Sections Of Your Body For The Resistance Training Portions. So An Example Of This Would Be


If you’re working your chest with weights, you would want to combine it with an aerobic exercise that would involve your lower body exercises like jumping rope or squat jumps. Combining Upper And Lower Body Aerobic Exercises Like This Will Prevent The Exercises From Fearing With Each Other.

If, On The Other Hand, You Were To Combine A Chest Exercise Like Bench Press With Another Upper Body Aerobic Exercise Like Burpees With A Push-up At The Bottom, It Would Take Power Away From Your Bench Pressing Sets And That’s Something That You Don’t Want To Do. It will not only help you lose weight, but it will also reduce muscle soreness and help you recover faster.

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Training for Peripheral Heart Action

Another Way To Use Opposing Body Parts To Get More Done In Less Time Is With Peripheral Heart Action Training. While Peripheral Heart Action Training Can Combine Weights With Cardio, It More Often Will Combine Weights With More Weights.

Instead of alternating between upper and lower body, you can combine upper body with more upper body or lower body with more lower body. Working Opposing Muscle Groups: Instead of doing a set of bench press and then taking a 3-minute break, do a set of bench press and then immediately follow it up with a superset of barbell rows before taking your break.

This allows you to complete two exercises in half the rest time without sacrificing performance. This Is Because The Benchpress Will Work Your Chest At The Front Of Your Shoulders And Your Triceps, While The Row Will Target Your Back At The Back Of Your Shoulders And Your Biceps.


To Give You Some Ideas: Since The Two Exercises Won’t Work The Same Muscle Groups, You’ll Be Able To Lift Heavy Weight For Both Exercises Without Taking A Break Until You’re Done With Both Of Them. You Can Combine Chest And Back Biceps And Triceps, Quads And Hamstrings As Well As Upper And Lower Body Weight Training Exercises.

You Can Also Combine More Than Two Exercises. For Example, You Can Combine A Bench Press, A Barbell Row, Cable Flyes, And Face Pulls, So With These You Would Be Doing A Chest Back Break, Or If You Wanted A Mix Upper And Lower, You Can Do A Barbell Military Press Followed By Barbell Squats. Pull-ups and Lunges Again, Upper Lower Break


The Goal Is To Move Through All Four Exercises Or However Many Exercises You Select With No Break Until You’re Done With All Of Them. Just Keep In Mind That When You Do More Than Two Exercises Back To Back, Your Performance And Strength For Each Exercise May Suffer Due To Fatigue Starting To Set In. So If You Want To Group More Than Two Opposing Exercises Together, You Can Do That, But This Shouldn’t Replace All Of Your Regular Weight Training Workouts That Allow You To Lift Heavy

Interval Training Tabata

A simple interval to set up for Tabata is 20 on and then 10 seconds off for eight rounds per exercise. Then after the eight rounds, you would take a two-minute break and begin the next exercise for the same twenty on ten off interval and the same eight rounds again to perform this as a quick 15-minute finisher after lifting Because your breaks are so predictable, you’ll probably stick to aerobic exercises like burpees, squat jumps, kettlebell swings, and medicine ball slams, so a 20-sec on, 10-second off to battle workout is something we’d like to incorporate gradually.

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Starting With Just One Session Per Week To Help Burn Some Extra Fat, It Won’t Replace Your Regular Weight Training Workouts Now That’s Not To Say That Tabata Can’t Be Used To Work On Increasing Strength And Power. You Would Just Have To Adjust The Intervals And The Types Of Exercises You’re Doing.

You Can Still Stick To Some Pretty Heavy Weight Training Exercises With A Shorter Work Interval And A Longer Rest Interval Like 10  And 50  Off Or 10  On And 120 Seconds Off. With This Kind Of Interval, You’ll Only Get A Few Reps Per Round, Allowing You To Lift Heavy Weight And You’ll Have More Time At The End Of Each Round To Recover.


Another Very Simple Way To Get Faster Results From Your Regular Weight Training Workouts Is By Following The 80/20 Rule. This Means That About 80% Of Your Workout Should Be Made Up Of Compound Multi-jointed Exercises With Free Ranges Of Motion. And It’ll Continue Burning More Calories Long After The Workout Is Done.

A Bicep Curl Will Not Have This Kind Of Effect Because, Unlike The Deadlift, Which Works Almost Every Muscle In Your Body, The Bicep Curl Only Works Your Biceps And Your Forearms. Compound Exercises Don’t Just Burn More Calories Because You Work More Muscles, But They Also Allow You To Lift A Much Heavier Load.

This Allows For Greater And Faster Progression And The Amount Of Weight That You’re Lifting Compared To What Would Be Possible If You Were Mostly Sticking To Isolation Type Exercises

Heavier Weight Lifting

In General, Lifting Heavier Weights Will Help You Build More Muscle And Burn More Calories Throughout The Day. This Doesn’t Mean That You Can’t Also Do Isolation Exercises, But The Majority Of Your Workouts Should Be Compound Movements And Isolation Movements Should Be Saved For The End Of Your Workouts. Of course, if you’re just training arms, abs, or calves, you’ll find yourself doing many more isolation exercises on those days.


But For Your Other Workouts, You Want To Structure Them With A Special Focus On Core Compound Exercises Like Squats, Deadlifts, And Bench Presses. So Now That We’ve Covered The Five Methods You Can Use To Get More Out Of Your Gym Sessions.

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