Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon


When I first discovered this fruit fresh from the garden, I was overjoyed!

At first, I thought it was just another ordinary-looking fruit and nothing special.

It was the perfect late summer refreshment for me – as much as I can say that about any fruit!

As soon as I bit into it, started to think about all the wonderful health benefits of eating watermelon every day!

Well, you can definitely appreciate this article now!

Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon

Watermelons have lots of healthy benefits. They are packed with essential nutrients that our body needs daily.

These nutrients can help us with everything from improving our blood circulation to improving the appearance of our skin.

One of the main nutrients found in watermelon is Vitamin C. In as little as one cup of watermelon, you can get almost one hundred and forty milligrams of Vitamin C.

This is about half of what an orange has to offer you. Just imagine how much Vitamin C you can get from just one serving of watermelon.

Watermelon has enzymes that are beneficial to our digestive system. Watermelon contains two types of enzymes, one that aids in digestion and one that is good for the skin.

When you eat watermelon you are helping your digestive system because it helps break down the foods that we eat.

By mixing the digestion enzyme with the watermelon juice, we get more energy and we feel great.

The good news is that the digestion enzyme can be absorbed in the form of a supplement.

If you choose to drink the juice, you can also increase the amount of absorption by taking multi-vitamins with watermelon juice.

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Watermelon is also packed with vitamins and minerals that we need daily.

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One of the best benefits of eating watermelons is that they contain significant amounts of potassium and sodium.

Potassium helps prevent muscle cramps while sodium helps keep fluid out of the muscles.

While there are no studies to suggest any negative effects from drinking this snack, it is always recommended to eat your fruits and vegetables raw whenever possible.

Another of the numerous health benefits of eating this fruit is that it can improve our hydration.

When we have dehydrated our bodies have trouble functioning properly and can even lead to illness.

We need enough hydration to avoid this occurrence and staying hydrated can be as simple as drinking a glass of water.

Drinking lots of water is also good for keeping your weight within reasonable limits.

There are several other benefits to eating this fruit. Besides providing us with hydration, it also helps to make our skin look better.

The reason for this is that the vitamin A found in the fruit promotes healthy skin. In fact, eating watermelon regularly will result in improved skin.

It helps to rejuvenate the skin and also looks to improve sun sensitivity.

Along with the health benefits of eating this healthy fruit contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. Many of these vitamins and minerals are vital to maintaining our health.

For example, vitamin A is essential to human development and growth and is necessary for healthy eyesight and the immune system.

Vitamin B has been shown to be an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals which may cause heart disease and certain cancers.

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The amount of calories in this snack varies depending on what variety you select. Granny smith is a popular variety that has only 46 calories and is packed with nutrients including potassium, beta carotene, magnesium, niacin, and vitamin c.

You can get your fill for around four to five servings depending on how you enjoy your watermelon.

If you choose to drink the juice, be sure to add sugar-free sweeteners to it to reduce its calorie count.

Watermelon juice is a healthy choice to satisfy those craving for sugary soft drinks or fruit juices.

With a little imagination, you can transform the watermelon into a delicious glass of smoothie!

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