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Who we are

Welcome to AthleticGens! My name is Jack. Me and my wife started this site to share our knowledge about fitness topics to keep you healthy with our blog. We want to make AthleticGens a place where experienced and knowledgable trainers, fitness gurus and beginners comes together to inspire each other. Sometimes we accept post from other recognized trainer to add value to you by sharing their tips and expertise.

AthleticGens is dedicated to empowering its reader with authentic, genuine, and up-to-date advice on all exercise, weight loss and essential nutrition topics. From runners looking to conquer a 26 miles marathon to people to people who engage with cross fit, home workout or yoga for the first time.

It covers comprehensive fitness advice from trainers, research-intensive buyer guide, and ways to motivate you to live an active life.

Today, we combine knowledge gained from our valuable experience with intensive research and testing to give people best advice on using tools, equipment, running gears and essential nutrition in their active life.

People who write blog post on this site come from different backgrounds, but all of them has the same vision: To empower and motivate you to commit to a long-term active lifestyle.

Expert that write for us

scotti in marathon

Dr. Duane Scotti






Our value and mission

In AthleticGens, we strive for give content that inspire and give excitement to you. Many of our articles are written by experts who went through the same frustration a beginner would have, because they went through the same journey. You can say many of our content is the result of our past frustration, and we strive give our reader the advice we wish we had before our decision.

Our value

Honesty – Only give genuine and authentic advice. If some product/service isn’t worth committing, we’ll give reason(s).

Impartiality – Create unbiased content for our reader, wouldn’t promote certain brand due to special sponsorship.

Competency – All advice shall be given after intensive research.

We encourage you to

Exercise – Move your body, stick the workout schedule, follow tips and advice from experts.

Eat better – Gain enough essential nutrition before and after exercising. Follow healthy advice from accurate source, not limit to here.

Our commitment to you

Process of switching to a completely healthy life is hard, using the wrong exercise tool, wearing an unfit shoes and following wrong training advice makes it even harder.

At, we have the best selection of tools and gears that will help you find the right one. Whether you’re new to exercising or you’re already on your journey to an active life, you can find all the gear you need.

We strive to be the best site committed to inspire people to live an active and healthy lifestyle. We love to empower people to reach their goal, as small as running continuously for 2miles, to conquering full-marathon in 4 hours.

so how do we make money?

We make money through putting out advertising board on our site, you might see it in some of our blog post. If you use an ad-blocker, you might consider whitelist us.

Also, in some of our blog post, you might see some affiliate links, if you take our advice, click thru the link, and make a purchase on third party site, while it doesn’t affect the price you pay, we might receive a small commission based of your purchase value. We are participating in Amazon Associates program and other services.

Jack Henry and wife

How Do We Write Our Post

Most of the post is written by me and my wife, sometimes we also invite other expert to post on our site if we think that the topic is worth covering.

After blog post is written,  we will check the accuracy, reliability and freshness of the content we produce constantly depend on our schedule. We strive to keep our guide fresh and up to date. We do not practice giving a products unfair rating for quick bucks. We want to make sure we’re giving our reader the most accurate and fair advice that we can, this is our formula for retaining long-term readers.

So why should you read AthleticGens?

We would say the main reason you would want to check us out is because you want to dramatically improve your exercising life in a correct way.

If you resonate with the following statements, you will enjoy the content you find on this site:

  • You are a beginner/casual reader looking for training advice, motivation or buying guide for the new lifestyle you are committing to.
  • You are an experience runner, trainer or yoga teacher looking for best training advice.
  • You want gear advice based on extensively research on customer experience and not commercial sales pages
  • You want to keep and commit yourself to a healthy and active lifestyle in long term.

It is both committing to an active lifestyle and self-improvement. Sticking to a workout schedule is not only good for your body, it also builds up your confident to stick to a plan and get results, few people know how important this is. If you are on board with this, I look forward to having you read our guides and tips.

Jack Henry

Founder and Editor-in-chief