list of Exercises to relieve knee Pain

knee pain

One of the injuries that is common to runners are knee pain. This article shows the list of exercises to relieve knee pain for excellent running.

Stretches for knee pain, also known as exercise therapy, are an important part of any treatment program for any type of knee problem. At the more serious end of the scale lie problems like a torn meniscus, major cartilage damage or other more severe knee ligament injuries, including ruptured tendons and other muscles. In all cases, proper rehabilitation and stretching are vital to regain full function and avoid long term complications.

There are two main types of stretches for knee pain. You can either perform them yourself, or pay someone else to give you a class. The key to getting good results is that you do them correctly. It is worth remembering that in order to reach your maximum potential, it is usually necessary to follow a certain routine of stretches and warm ups. If you don’t, you risk losing some of the benefits that can be gained from physical therapy exercises. In some cases, surgery might be needed to repair the damage done.

Physical therapy can be very effective for patients who have acute knee problems, but for most people it is not a practical solution to recovery and rehabilitation. A good place to start looking at alternative therapies for pain relief is exercise and stretching. Stretches for Knee Problems can help improve knee flexibility and can help to reduce stress on the knee joint. It has been found that stretching helps to reduce the level of chronic pain suffered by patients suffering with osteoarthritis.

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Stretching For Knee Pain Many different stretching exercises can help keep your body limber. The key is to find a series of stretches that you can comfortably do without straining your muscles or damaging your knees. You can find simple stretches online and use them for immediate results. Some stretches for knee pain involve only your legs.

The following are simple stretch that are effective on the knees.

sit-ups with a hand towel on your knees will help you raise your knees up while still keeping your body upright. Other stretches focus on using other parts of your body to hold yourself in a stretched position.

Leg Raises are another of the best stretches for knee pain. They involve you laying flat on your back. Then, raise one leg up as high as possible for a few seconds. Then lower it back down. Repeat this a few times.

Switch Legs If you do not have the ability to get into a crawling or sitting position to do a stretching exercise, then you can always switch legs to work on different parts of your body. To do a switching stretch, put your dominant leg up on the ball (ball is a small round object that can be found at most sports supply stores.) Then put your non-dominant leg on the ball. Keep your legs moving back and forth until you feel a stretch in one leg. Repeat this a couple times.

Knee Quad Stretch If you want to do the best stretches for knee pain, you must incorporate quadriceps stretches into your routine. These stretches involve flexing and stretching your quads. It’s important to start off with simple movements, so that your muscles have a chance to get adjusted to a new motion before you begin a more strenuous stretch. You can do these stretches with your hands or with a resistance band. It will help to strengthen your quads because they are the group of muscles that provides strength and power for your legs.

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Heel and Calf stretch. An excellent way to do this stretch is to sit in a chair with your feet placed on the armrest of the chair. Then, lean against the back of the chair and lean your body forward until you feel some pressure against your lower back and then rest your body against the back of the chair. When you want to go to the next position, simply pull up as much of your upper body as possible while stretching your lower back in a parallel position. Repeat the process if necessary.

Another way to do this exercise is to lie down with your feet and legs placed straight on the floor and slowly lean your body forward until you feel some tension in your abdominal muscles. Then, straighten your arms and pull your chest towards your shoulders. Hold that position for several seconds before going back to the original position. Stretch your hamstrings if needed.

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