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Rhoback is an exclusive apparel brand leader in fashionable and comfortable casual clothing. The brand was established in 2016. Rhoback apparel is dedicated to providing the finest quality performance, fit, and comfort in all its items.

The brand offers various polos, t-shirts, and pullovers designed and tailored to meet the needs of modern men. The brand is known for its exceptional quality and meticulous care for detail, which makes its items premium and among the top in the market.

It is among the most sought-after items from the brand. It’s an elegant, comfortable fit with a contemporary, chic style. It is constructed using a lightweight, breathable fabric that offers a soft, snug fit and an attractive appearance. It is also moisture-wicking, allowing it to keep your body dry and cool during the most active times.

The Rhoback t-shirt was made to be the ideal size for all body kinds. The t-shirt has an ultra-slim fit that conforms to the body but is not excessively tight. Necklines are designed to sit slightly higher for an elevated appearance and contemporary, polished style. The shoulders and sleeves are also tailored to ensure an ideal fit for all kinds of bodies.


The short version is that Rhoback’s shirts are in the happy middle between super thin. I’m 90% sure you’ll be satisfied with the fit if you purchase your normal size. Remember that quarter zips are designed to fit like polos. If you’re looking for a more loose piece to layer, go up.

In the more extended version of the image above, I’m 6 ‘ tall and weigh 197 lbs. I’m wearing a medium. I’m wearing an extra large in the Cameron Polo; one shot higher. It’s evident in the large size that it comes with an extended, wider sleeve.

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I prefer the medium size because it doesn’t touch the elbow area (I’m obsessive about it). The medium’s body is also a little thinner and shorter. I’m okay with either; however, the stretchy shirts move so well that I prefer the more snug medium. The pullover in the second image is also medium, and I love the mix of stretch and athletic fit.


What are the key elements of an excellent golf shirt? Recommend the ability to stretch, moisture wicking, ease of wearing at all temperatures, and stand up to laundering. Rhoback checks all those boxes.

The most popular beliefs Rhoback mentions on their website: “We believe in swinging as hard as you can off the tee no matter how tight the fairway. We believe in laughing off the triple bogey that may result.” Because of the ample stretch offered by these shirts, you can hit your heel with no impingement. Rhoback shows its dedication to every activity through its clothes, effortlessly accommodating any movement.

Furthermore, a shirt will only be as good if it can solely wear it during ideal conditions. The Rhoback polos have an excellent equilibrium between feeling lightweight on your skin and being strong enough for cooler days. They breathe well during the summer heat and are quick to wick off moisture. I was particularly impressed with the quarter-zip pullover from Rhoback. It’s warm and light in weight, making it suitable for wearing in a wide range of temperatures.

A quality shirt should be durable. My Rhoback polos have been through almost a dozen washings, but they still look exactly the same as the day I bought them. The color is bright, and the collar is consistent all the way around, which is equally important. You might be worn out after spending the day in the sun, but the Rhoback shirt will keep its pristine appearance.

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If you buy Rhoback products, you can buy them with complete confidence in their high quality at any time.

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