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Amid a hectic and worry-filled life, we often forget about our health. Cardiovascular activities should be part of our daily routine if we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cardiovascular exercises are a set of movements that involve the body’s large muscle groups. It is necessary to do training routines for more than 20 minutes to achieve better results.

The benefits of cardiovascular exercise do not vary depending on where they are performed. Following a disciplined routine is the key to achieving the expected results.

rope exercises

We cannot forget that they can also cause muscle injury or fatigue if not performed correctly. If you are a beginner, it is best to start simple training routines not to put your health at risk

Do you know what some cardiovascular exercises are? Here are some suggestions for cardio routines that you can practice at home, in the Gym, or outdoors.

Types of cardiovascular exercises

It is important to mention three types of cardio exercises, as not all have the same function.

Aerobic cardiovascular exercises

In this type of exercise, the beats per minute always remain below 75% of the maximum heart rate. The practice of these exercises requires an energy expenditure of approximately 90% fatty acids, and the other 10% is divided into the consumption of glucose, amino acids, and ketones.

In this group, we include cardiovascular routines such as running, swimming, or cycling, which improve the body’s aerobic capacity. For best results, sessions of between 40 and 60 minutes must be performed.

Mixed cardiovascular exercises

This is the best known of the three types of cardiovascular exercises. In this case, the pulsations will reach between 75 and 90 % of the maximum heart rate. When we practice this type of exercise, the body consumes fewer fatty acids (35%) and more glucose (60%).

Cardio workout

Cardiovascular workout routines such as gymnastics or dancing are included within this group. Mixed cardiovascular exercises that stimulate the growth of muscle fiber and help you burn calories efficiently.

Anaerobic cardiovascular exercises

In this case, the heart rate increases above 90% of the maximum heart rate. They require more strength in less time, such as sprints, weights, and abs. Our body consumes a lot of energy during these routines, so it is not advisable to perform them for more than 20 minutes in a row. Of course, the best is to combine these types of cardiovascular exercises so that our body receives all the possible benefits.

Advantages of cardio activities

We can do many cardiovascular activities both outdoors and indoors. The advantages of this type of exercises are as follows:

– Improves blood flow: with cardio routines, the bloodstream is stimulated, and therefore, the blood reaches the muscles and brain faster. A regular exercise routine will help you keep your heart healthy for years to come.

– Increases energy expenditure: most muscle groups work during cardio sessions. Therefore, they are ideal for burning fats and calories.

– Increase blood endorphin levels: different types of cardio exercises are great allies to fight anxiety, stress, and depression.

– Protect joints: some modalities such as rowing machines or elliptical help prevent joint damage as they are low-impact exercises.

– Stimulate growth hormones: many of these exercises, predominantly anaerobic type exercises, are highly recommended to increase muscle mass and stimulate growth in general.

– Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels: it is shown that exercise helps eliminate toxins through sweat. In this way, the body is released from excess proteins and harmful substances.

Cardiovascular exercises: Gym or house?

Cardiovascular activities are very beneficial to your health. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many do not have time to go to the Gym. The good news is that we can do cardio exercises at home too.

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Both at home and in the Gym, we can do several cardio exercises. Some exercise routines need gym equipment. But it is also true that if we are constant and organized, we can get the same results at home.

If you want to stay in shape and have a healthy lifestyle, some cardio exercises at home will suffice. Organize sessions of 30 to 60 minutes at home, and you will start noticing the results from the third week of training. You can also buy a rowing machine or an elliptical bike if you want to introduce some gym items.

On the other hand, if you need to build the muscles more professionally, you should go to the Gym. There are available a wide variety of devices that you can use depending on your needs.

No matter the place, the important thing is the effort you put into it! Here are some cardiovascular exercises you can do according to your preferences.
This is a straightforward cardio exercise. Many consider it a complete workout because it includes the movement of large muscle groups. It is ideal for burning calories and toning the legs, arms, buttocks, and abdomen muscles.

After a few minutes of stretching exercises, there are some crucial steps you should not forget for best results:

– Choose a rope with the correct length for your height.

– It is vital to jump fast and coordinate the movements of the arms and legs.

– A good routine will start to have the expected results from 20 minutes. It is advisable to do two to three sessions per day.

This cardio exercise requires a lot of balance, strength, and endurance. Jumping the rope regularly not only improves your overall health but prepares you to deal with daily activities more effectively.

Climbing stairs

We have to put a lot of dedication and strength into this exercise. You will need some stairs and a little else. It is ideal for gaining muscle mass and stability in the hind limbs and activates bloodstream circulation.                                                         

cardio work out

It is a short workout:

– First, make a slight warm-up to avoid injury.

– Climb up and down the ladders as fast as you can.

– Always keep your back straight and be careful not to trip; a fall could be perilous.

It is advisable to perform this activity for 3 minutes and then take a short break to hydrate the body and rest on the muscles. You can do several sessions, depending on your fitness.


This is one of the most widely used cardiovascular workouts worldwide. It consists of combinations of movements elementary to do anywhere. They measure our endurance and are ideal for burning calories and keeping us in shape.

The way to practice them is straightforward:

– Stand with your body completely straight. Then bend down and place the palms of your hands fully resting on the ground.

– Stretch out your body and push your arms as you carry your knees toward your shoulders.

– Then get up quickly by jumping.

As you can see, it is an exercise that requires a lot of agility. It is advisable to do several repetitions with the highest possible speed; you should not stop between jumps to achieve better results; if you have a stopwatch, measure the exercise time and try to do a more significant number of repetitions in the shortest possible time.

Jumping with knees on the chest

This is as intense as burpees. Therefore, it requires a lot of speed and little rest time, although you should not forget to hydrate every little.

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This is an excellent exercise to tone the body and make it more resistant. Strength is also another element involved in this routine consisting of:

– Stand fully with your body completely straight. It would be best if you separated your feet a little bit to align them with your shoulders.

– Now, you will jump by raising your knees to try to touch your chest.

It is advisable to do ten repetitions by raising your knees as much as possible. The number of sessions will depend on your fitness but must be at least 2. Do not forget to rest for a minute between each session to regain strength.

Jumping with legs open

This is a variation of jumps so that the exercise routine is not monotonous but requires the same strength and coordination as the previous exercise. It is essential to perform jumps in an obstacle-free area to avoid possible falls and injuries if we lose our balance.

Do not forget to do warm-up and stretching exercises before starting the training. Your muscles will move quickly, and if they are not ready, they can get injured.

The steps to follow are elementary:

– Stand with your feet on a flat surface. Slightly separate the feet to align them with the shoulders.

– Place your hands completely relaxed on both sides of the body.

-Now jump by opening your legs and coordinate this movement by raising your arms above your head.

– At the end, set the body at the starting position.

Perform up to 20 repetitions without pausing. Then take a short break and do another session again with the same repetitions.

Cardio classes at the Gym

Group classes at the Gym have become very popular today. This type of cardiovascular activity is ideal for those who need the motivation to exercise. It is shown that cardio in groups increases competitiveness and encourages people to work harder and better.

What are some cardiovascular exercises that can be done in groups? Most gyms offer classes to tone the body; they can be amusing and profitable.

cardio work out

Body combat

This is an ideal class for unloading adrenaline and burning fat. It is one of the most comprehensive cardiovascular workouts because it includes fighting movements and martial arts. Repetitions of actions are performed at the bar of music.

They usually last an hour and are divided into two parts to work both lower and upper limbs. It’s a very intense class where you can burn up to 600 calories in an hour.


This is one of the most fun cardio classes. They are aimed at the public of any age and are very beneficial to put all the body muscles to work.

It consists of practicing coordinated movements to the beat of the music. They can last between 45 and 60 minutes, during which you can burn up to 500 calories.

zumba dance

Body pump

This is the preferred class of those who want to gain muscle mass and have fun at the same time. Participants work with the chosen weight and perform different muscle movements to the rhythm of the music.

This class is ideal for bodybuilding and combines cardio exercises to burn up to 300 calories per hour.

Outdoor cardiovascular exercises

Finally, are outdoor cardiovascular activities. What are some cardiovascular exercises we can do outside the home? Well, the answer is straightforward: running, jumping, swimming, and any physical activity that involves energy expenditure.

Running: It has become very fashionable among all age groups. Some run faster, while others prefer to jog slower and enjoy the scenery. Today we see parks full of people eager to practice sport and get a healthier lifestyle.

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According to a research ‘cardiovascular aspects of running’

“Running is an excellent means of conditioning the cardiovascular system. It is a highly aerobic activity that utilizes both fatty acids and carbohydrates for energy. The typical runner tends to have a slow resting pulse rate and a high maximal oxygen consumption.”

Swimming: Although it is not an exercise suitable for everyone because it requires a lot of endurance and a powerful breathing job, it is an ideal cardio activity to work all the body muscles. It can be practiced in the swimming pools of the Gym, at home, or on the beach. Even if you do not notice the sweat, you can burn up to 800 calories during a swimming session.

Footing: This is a more leisurely activity, ideal for recovering after an injury or for the elderly. Walking for 45 minutes or an hour improves blood pressure, lowers blood cholesterol levels, accelerates metabolic processes, and combats stress.

Practicing cardio outdoors can be very beneficial for mental and physical health. More calories are burned during outdoor exercise than in enclosed spaces. Also, contact with fresh air is an excellent catalyst to release stress more quickly.

Sun exposure during outdoor cardio exercise sessions can also bring many skin benefits. While we exercise, the skin is being recharged with vitamin D, which favors the bone and cardiovascular system.

There is nothing more pleasurable than practicing exercises and being in direct contact with nature at the same time. At the end of the workout, you can get higher levels of relaxation than when you work out at home or in the Gym.


As you can see, the place is not an excuse to carry out a good cardio routine. At home, in the Gym, or outdoors, you can achieve the best results if you are consistent and dedicated.

Most importantly, this type of exercise can have very positive effects on physical and mental health. It is not just about having a toned body; it is about giving the mind the relaxation it needs.

People who exercise cardio have fewer health and stress problems even when their lives are very hectic. It is shown that a person who exercises lives more extended than those who have a sedentary lifestyle.

The decision to take the first step to a healthy life is up to you alone. Plan your day and set up some time for cardio exercise. Do push-ups at home, go running, or go to a Zumba class. No matter your choice, you need to start moving your body to have a better quality of life.

Do not wait till tomorrow. Today you can make a significant change in your life and start doing cardio activities!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 cardio exercises?

The top 10 cardio exercises are running, rowing, swimming, boxing, rope jumping, burpees, push-ups, cycling, Zumba, and body combat classes. All these exercises help burn between 400 and 500 calories and cause effects on mental and physical health.

What are five exercises for cardiovascular endurance?

The best cardio exercises to train endurance are jogging, dancing, cycling, running, and swimming. All these activities include prolonged muscle training. This leads to an improved cardiovascular system and overall health, as well as the burning of calories.

What is the best exercise for cardiovascular fitness?

The answer varies depending on people’s tastes. Many prefer running because they can exercise and be outdoors at the same time. Others prefer to do a cardio routine at home. And many love cardio classes like Zumba body combat. If you train well, no matter which cardio exercises you choose, everyone will bring significant health benefits.

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