How Shoes Affect Your Health


People are constantly searching for a way to avoid foot pain or at least learn how to live with it so that they can continue to live their lives comfortably. Shoes affect your health in so many ways, you would have no choice but to purchase good ones. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for […]

can Running shoes cause Tendonitis?

Can Running Shoes Cause Tendonitis? What exactly is Tendonitis and is running shoe’s a big factor in the development of this painful condition? First let’s take a look at what Tendonitis is. Nerve pain is caused when the tendons of a specific muscle become inflamed. There are two types of Tendonitis, Inflammatory, and Non-Inflammatory Tendonitis. […]

3 best running shoes for Arthritis

Best Running Shoes For Runners With Arthritis

Arthritis occurs when joints and muscles become worn out causing joint pain. Some causes of this wear and tear are related to age, injury, genetics, and some people just have more susceptible bodies than other. The following are our recommendation as Best Running Shoes For Arthritis Asics Gel Kayano Brooks Glycerin 18 Nike Vapor Fly […]


best running shoes for sciatica pain

When it comes to the best running shoes for sciatica pain, there are many different options out there. Each one claims to be the best. You may be one of the millions who suffer from sciatica pain. You may want to try all kinds of different shoes until you find one that works. Affiliate Disclosure: This […]



Did you recently buy a gym membership? This article contains everything you need to know about the best exercise machines to lose weight fast. According to statistics, the gym witnesses a 75–80% increase in memberships at the start of every year. However, the majority of them are wasted. It is because of the overwhelmingly busy […]

Calf pain; Causes and remedies

Calf pain

The different muscles in our body helps us in the coordination and movement of our body. Muscles are made up of tissues and they can extend or contract depending on the movement. Too much or forceful movement of a part of the body strains the muscle that is attached to that part. These strains occurs […]

The Great benefits of Running For Your Body?

women running marathon

The body needs exercises to keep fit and trim. These exercises only work parts of the body. running works on all parts of the body and that is the first benefits of running. Read this article to gain more understanding on the benefits of running. Do you love yourself? Are you seriously wanting to change […]

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees in 2021

best running shoes for bad knees

If you are a professional runner, then you must be aware of the pain of the knees and joints. Mostly, running on bad surfaces, harsh roads, and running too much are likely causes of the pain in the knees and muscle weakness. Also, the bad type of shoes is the basic reason for bad knees.  […]

10 Best Running shoes for morton’s neuroma

runner in pain

Morton’s neuroma is the inflammation of tissue in your toe. This article shows you the best running shoes for morton’s neuroma and what people suffering from morton’s neuroma can do to ease the pain. Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I will be paid a commission at no cost to you […]