WGU Cybersecurity Scholarship

WGU cybersecurity scholarship

WGU cybersecurity scholarship is sponsored by the United States Department of Defense. Find out the requirements needed to be awarded the scholarship.


As the only university that is student-centric anywhere, the entire story of WGU is focused on our students. We are directly involved in their challenges, lives, and accomplishments.

Many people believed that education was beyond their attainment. Cost, distance, and other life circumstances caused them to believe the education they wanted was impossible. Since our beginning, we’ve tackled these obstacles to education head-on so that our students can access the most effective way to alter their lives for the better, to a degree.

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While our school has expanded and our focus broadened, our commitment to our students has stayed the same. Our desire to help people get between talent and opportunity will never end.

Non-profit, independent, and guided by an underlying mission

WGU is a non-profit online university established with the help of 19 U.S. governors. But WGU is a private university, not a public university. WGU was founded with an outlook to improve the quality of college education.

Governors conceived the vision in the Western Governors Association (hence our name); however, WGU operates independently and has its governance structure. This lets us concentrate on students and follow the mission that gave us off the ground.

Why do we call ourselves Western Governors University? The name of our institution tells about our beginnings–a tale that goes back to 1997 when the group comprised of U.S. governors came up with a novel solution to a growing anxiety: “How can we ensure more of our residents have greater access to a college education that fits their schedule?” The Western Governors’ Association began a new university in the United States.

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Since our very beginnings, WGU was created to be distinct. We were designed to be different. U.S. governors who founded WGU knew that today’s college students in the 21st century would differ from those of the past. In the case of millions of adults working, the desire to get a college degree can only become real once the borders of space and time are removed. The challenge of overcoming this was at the heart of the WGU concept.

In the mid-1990s, an exciting new technology was developing: the internet. As increasing numbers of Americans could connect online, the prospect of providing an “anywhere, anytime” education was real.

More than just providing traditional, lecture-based instruction using a monitor and a modem, Our founders realized that technology could transform the way college students learn. Harnessing the power of the internet and our innovative learning model–competency-based education–WGU revolutionized how students learn master concepts and progress to a degree.

As a non-profit online university founded through governors, WGU differs from other universities. However, beyond the singular story of our origins and the cunning of our founders, WGU differs from other universities due to an even more fundamental reason are different because – We uniquely conduct education.

Since its inception, WGU has focused on expanding access to higher education by offering low-cost costs of tuition and online learning, and competency-based learning. Education is among the best ways to lead a better life. By increasing opportunities for learning along with the opportunity it provides and advancing the equality of everyone.

Our mission is to create an inclusive, diverse environment where students, faculty, and staff can be their best as they grow and learn. WGU is committed to encouraging acceptance, tolerance, respect for differences, equality of opportunity, and diversity throughout all our activities and initiatives.

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WGU has an active and growing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE& I) program, which focuses on advancing equity among all our stakeholders–students, employees, and alums. The DE& initiatives focus on building communities that respect each person and promote open, respectful discussions.

WGU Cybersecurity Scholarship

As a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C) institution, WGU is pleased to offer this opportunity to full-time students pursuing accredited degrees that incorporate security education. It is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD); the high-value scholarship offers the following amazing advantages:

  • Tuition that is fully-funded
  • $27,000.00 Stipend (for the bachelor’s level) as well as a $32,000.00 stipend (for Master’s degrees)
  • Security Clearance
  • Full-time work when you finish your education.

The student recruitment season for 2023-24 is now open, and the deadline to sign up will be February 1, 2023, , so it is imperative to hurry up!

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