In the past two years, the number of Indian students studying in Australia has surged, surpassing China and other countries, and becoming the largest group of students studying in Australia. Moreover, the number of Indian students in Australia is still increasing, and the team is growing, which has had a major impact on the overseas study industry in Australia. So why are more and more Indian students choosing to study in Australia? Next, let’s briefly analyze the Indian international students in Australia.

Why are there more and more Indian international students in Australia?

In recent years, the number of Australian international students from India has been increasing, and the main reason for this phenomenon is naturally that Australian higher education is extremely attractive to Indian students. Simply put, the benefits of Indian students studying in Australia are as follows:

1. Highly ranked universities & high international recognition

There are many highly ranked universities in Australia, such as the Group of Eight, which is also known as the “Ivy League Universities in Australia”, which fully demonstrates the strength of these institutions. Not only that, Australian universities and higher education enjoy a high international reputation and international recognition, which means that the qualification certificates and academic certificates issued by Australian universities can be recognized by many countries. This is greatly conducive to the future job hunting and studies of international students from India to Australia.

2. Wide choice of courses and subjects

Higher education in Australia is provided by a number of universities and vocational training institutions. There are a large number of courses with rich content, covering many subject areas. This allows Indian students in Australia to choose their favorite courses or study time. To find the courses in Australia, Indian students can make use of Course Finder, a helpful course search tool. With it, Indian students are able to find almost all courses in Australia and get some course details.

3. Scholarships

Although the cost of studying in Australia is much cheaper than that in the UK and the US, it is still a big burden for many international students. But don’t worry, Australia provides scholarships for international students, some of which can even cover the tuition fees of international students for a whole year, which greatly reduces the financial burden of Indian international students in Australia.

4. Work while studying

Indian students holding an Australian student visa can work part-time while studying in Australia, gaining work experience and earning a little living expenses at the same time. However, it should be noted that the Australian student visa has a limit on the part-time work time of international students. International students must not exceed this time limit, otherwise they may face visa cancellation or even repatriation.

5. Easy to apply for student visa

Relatively speaking, Australia’s student visa application is less difficult, has a higher pass rate, and takes less time, and is very friendly to international students. This is one of the main reasons why many Indian students go to Australia and study there.

Best universities for Indian students in Australia

There are more than 40 universities in Australia, and almost every university accepts international students, so Indian students have many choices of institutions. But for Indian students who want to return to India after graduation or go to other countries for further study, well-known Australian universities will be a better choice, such as Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, The University of Adelaide, Monash University, Victoria University, University of Wollongong, Deakin University, Macquarie University, Griffith University. The high reputation and high recognition of these universities give their students a greater chance of being recognized by schools or companies in other countries, thus gaining more opportunities.

How do Indian students study in Australia?

The process for Indian students to study in Australia is similar to that of international students from other countries. The main steps are to select courses and universities, apply for the selected courses, and accept the admission letter from the university. There are two types of admission notices: unconditional offer and conditional offer. Unconditional offer means that the applicant has met all the requirements and can accept the offer immediately; conditional offer means that the applicant needs to meet all the conditions listed in the letter to obtain a study place. Indian students will also receive a COE after receiving an offer. This is an important document for applying for a student visa. Applicants must confirm COE in time, and then submit this document and other application materials to apply for an Australian student visa. After obtaining the visa, Indian students can book air tickets, accommodation, etc., and go to Australia to study.

Words in the end

With the increasingly close relationship between Australia and India, the number of Indian students in Australia is constantly increasing. These Indian students are having a significant impact on Australia, playing an important role in Australia’s higher education and society. What’s more important, Australia is very welcoming to Indian students, which makes Australia a very suitable place for Indian students to study abroad.

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