As another New Year’s Eve approaches, you’re probably planning one of the year’s biggest parties. Given the lengthy vacation that students have around New Year’s Day, it’s a great chance to go above and beyond and enjoy the festivities in one of the world’s most intriguing or exotic locations.

In this post, we will explore some of the top university cities with great new year celebrations. Check it out!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The New Year’s Eve celebration in Amsterdam is a relaxed, well-planned affair, rather than the wild anarchy one would expect from a city famed for its liberal legal system. The local administration organises fireworks displays across the city, and Dam Square has live music and a large stage with happy hosts and spectators. The public is invited to attend the event for free, and the atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful.

Las Vegas, United States

A substantial part of the American populace flies to Las Vegas for New Year’s Day activities, gambling, and partying. Downtown Countdown, which combines light displays, pyrotechnics, and live entertainment, is one of the city’s most popular events. If you can make it to far-off Nevada, this massive, packed event will most certainly be insane!

London, United Kingdom

If you’re going to London for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, expect big crowds and thousands of people wherever you go. During this night in the capital, the prices of pubs, taverns, and clubs are famously high – considerably more than usual. The Thames has never looked better, so for students, gathering to see the affordable public fireworks over the river is a much better option. Just bear in mind that if you want a good view, you’ll need to arrive early! You should also bring your own drinks and snacks.

Barcelona, Spain

In general, New Year’s Eve is more of a family affair in Spain than in other nations. Beyond dinner and ball drop, many people head out to pubs and clubs until midnight. However, prominent local meeting spots, such as Barcelona’s Plaça Catalunya, where people assemble to celebrate the new year, are usually filled with people.

Tokyo, Japan

While many Tokyo residents spend New Year’s Eve at home with their families, there are still plenty of activities for visitors. Join the crowds at Shibuya Crossing as the landmark Tokyo Tower hosts a spectacular public celebration. Seeing the sunrise on the first day of the year is more important in Japanese culture than participating in a community countdown to midnight. So go slowly and be ready for a long evening of partying!

Berlin, Germany

In Berlin, the best place to spend New Year’s Eve is on the streets, interacting with the locals and avoiding the fireworks that go off in all directions. The main street event, attended by nearly a million people, takes place around the landmark Brandenburg Gate and stretches into the park. In typical Berlin fashion, the party lasts until the next day.

Prague, Czechia

Europeans enjoy Prague for New Year’s Eve because it’s inexpensive, dynamic, and provides both huge, chaotic celebrations and quiet, romantic gatherings. There are several fireworks displays across the city, but the view across the river is particularly beautiful. Alternatively, you may experience a real Czech celebration at Old Town Square, which is a favourite viewing place for locals.

Miami, United States

Miami is a perfect oceanfront New Year’s Eve destination, with warm, comfortable weather even in December and an incredible party environment. Plenty of restaurants in the area provide takeaway lunch supplies that you may enjoy before watching the fireworks at South Beach and dancing on the beach until the early hours of the morning.

New York City, United States

Times Square in New York City is host to what is quite likely the most famous of all parties. The abundance of lights, music, and big crowds of revellers creates a joyful atmosphere. Every year, a magnificent lineup of live music acts, as well as the well-known ball drop at midnight, is offered. If you want to party in front of everyone, New York is the place to go.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Around two million people assemble on Copacabana Beach for what is the world’s biggest New Year’s celebration. In honour of the sea goddess, people gather to drink champagne, watch fireworks, and throw flowers into the water. Wearing black is said to bring bad luck for the next year, so keep the black tie at home! Wearing white will bring good luck for the evening, according to custom.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Although it may not be the best choice for those who dislike the cold, Iceland’s capital has quickly gone to the top of the list of many UK students looking for something a bit different for their New Year’s vacation spot. You will most likely see snow in Reykjavik, which is a big plus for many. One of the main reasons so many people visit the region is the city’s location, which is among the best in the world for seeing the Northern Lights.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid’s reputation for taking festivals and celebrations seriously continues on New Year’s Eve! One of the best spots to spend New Year’s Eve is right here. If you’re looking for a formal, sophisticated way to start the new year or just somewhere to spend the whole night partying, Madrid offers something for everyone. Have a New Year’s Eve lunch at one of Madrid’s numerous great restaurants, and don’t forget to eat 12 grapes at exactly midnight for good luck! After that, you can travel to the city centre and spend the night dancing at one of Madrid’s many street parties.


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