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Adelaide Medical School has a high international reputation for teaching, and the University of Adelaide medicine ranking is very good. In the 2023 QS World Rankings by Subject, the University of Adelaide ranks 135th in the world for Medicine and 34th in the world for Dentistry.

For a long time, the University of Adelaide has provided students with high-standard, high-level scientific research training and practical courses, cultivating students’ international vision and medical skills, abilities and academic research level, helping students to become future health leaders. In addition, students at Adelaide Medical School are eligible for an internship during their final year.

Medical Courses at the University of Adelaide

Adelaide Medical School offers undergraduate courses and postgraduate medical courses covering the fields of General Practice, Medicine and Psychiatry.

– The University of Adelaide Undergraduate Medicine Courses

Bachelor of Medical Studies

The Bachelor of Medical Studies provides the foundational knowledge and skills needed to excel in healthcare, equipping graduates to practice medicine in Australia and in most parts of the world. In addition, students completing this University of Adelaide undergraduate medicine course can also choose to continue studying the University of Adelaide Doctor of Medicine program.

– The University of Adelaide Postgraduate Medicine Courses

1. Master of Minimally Invasive Surgery – Teaching Hospitals

This is a one-year University of Adelaide medicine course designed for surgeons who wish to make minimally invasive surgical techniques an integral part of their career. It consists of three parts: theory, research and clinical practice.

2. Graduate Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Studies is a flexible online certificate that focuses on building advanced knowledge about drugs and alcohol, and methods of treating addiction, and is suitable for those who are working or plan to pursue a career related to drug and alcohol addiction.

3. Doctor of Medicine

The University of Adelaide Doctor of Medicine program emphasizes high-level clinical and research skills and provides the opportunity to undertake two key projects in consultation with world-class University of Adelaide researchers, allowing students to acquire the knowledge, skills and insight needed to pursue a medical career.

4. Master of Clinical Science

This University of Adelaide medicine program offers a wide range of career and research skills training (CaRST) courses, dedicated to training clinicians in research methods and techniques, equipping graduates with the ability to enter independent research at doctoral level.

5. Master of Philosophy

The main aim of the Master of Philosophy is to train students in research methods and techniques and to allow them to critically evaluate literature and results in their field of study at an advanced level.

6. Doctor of Philosophy

The University of Adelaide’s Doctor of Philosophy requires students to complete 3 to 4 years of research and a minimum of 120 hours of relevant professional development activity through the University’s Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) programme.

To know more University of Adelaide medicine courses, you can search via Course Finder or the university’s official website. In addition to the courses, you can also know the University of Adelaide medicine entry requirements and University of Adelaide medicine fees through these two platforms.

The Bottom Line

The University of Adelaide medicine enjoys a high reputation and is among the best in the world. Therefore, it is a very good choice for those who want to study medicine in Australia. It can not only provide a rich choice of courses, but also provide high-quality medical education, extensive training and research opportunities, and fully prepare students to enter the medical industry in the future. Students who complete medical education at the University of Adelaide have a variety of career options and can quickly find suitable jobs after graduation. This is also why the University of Adelaide medicine is so popular.

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