Australia is one of the most popular countries for studying medicine because it has one of the best medical systems recognized globally, ranks among the top in the world in the field of medical education, and offers many widely recognized degrees and courses. In general, medical degrees in Australia are mainly divided into undergraduate medical degrees and postgraduate medical degrees, covering multiple medical fields, such as biomedicine, veterinary medicine, sports medicine and so on. Some of these degrees are highly recognized and popular with students, here are a few for your reference.

Best Undergraduate Degrees for Medicine in Australia

1. Bachelor of Biomedical Science – The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is one of the best universities to study medicine in Queensland and one of the best medical schools in Queensland, and the Bachelor of Biomedical Science it provides is one of the best Bachelor of Medicine in Australia. This is a three-year program with courses covering a wide range of fields from molecular and cellular biology to body systems, leading students to discover the latest globally relevant biomedical practice, providing theoretical and practical skills to prepare students for the modern medical science career. After completing the study as required, students will obtain the best undergraduate degree for medicine in Australia, and obtain the qualification to enter the field of modern biomedical science.

2. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery – The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is also one of the 10 best Australian universities for medicine, providing qualified undergraduate and postgraduate medicine degrees in Australia. The university offers an undergraduate medical dual degree – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) – that equips students with the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to excel in healthcare. The MBBS in Australia will be taught by clinicians and provide a simulated environment where students can gain practical experience, while providing opportunities for clinical placements in hospitals and other health and medical settings.

3. Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine – UNSW Sydney

Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine is not a simple undergraduate medicine degree in Australia, but a combined undergraduate/postgraduate degree taught by UNSW Sydney, the best medical school in Australia. This highly popular medical degree in Australia lasts six years and provides the research skills and clinical experience needed to enter the medical industry in order to deal with the complex and changing medical industry. Upon completion of their studies, students will gain both the Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMed) and Doctor of Medicine (MD) degrees and be eligible for provisional registration with the Medical Board of Australia.

Best Postgraduate Medicine Degrees in Australia

1. Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) – Monash University

Monash University is one of the best destinations to study medicine in Australia as it is one of the largest educational institutions for healthcare professionals and general health professionals in the country, with a global reputation in healthcare. The Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) is one of the medical and nursing courses offered by Monash School of Medicine, which lasts for one year and can provide students with advanced knowledge and technical skills in multiple fields of study.

2. Master of Medicine (by Research) – The University of Melbourne

Master of Medicine (by Research) offered by The University of Melbourne is one of the best Master of Medicine in Australia. This medical degree in Australia is designed to develop students’ advanced skills in independent and sustained research, open to medical students who have graduated at least two years and have not less than two years of work experience as a medical staff member in an appropriate university-affiliated hospital. Students who choose this program will undertake at least 6 months of full-time research under the supervision of experienced academics.

3. Doctor of Medicine – The University of Sydney

To study Doctor of Medicine in Australia, The University of Sydney’s Doctor of Medicine is one of the best options. Designed for graduates from any discipline who are interested in becoming doctors and have a passion for healthcare, this is a master’s degree that provides students with world-class clinical and research training. Through the course, students develop the skills needed to respond to the health needs of individuals, families and communities, and upon graduation are eligible for provisional registration with the Medical Board of Australia as a medical practitioner.

The Bottom Line

There are many medical degrees in Australia, and most of them are widely recognized, making them ideal for studying medicine. The medicine degrees in Australia mentioned above are all provided by the top Australian medical schools, and their quality and recognition are guaranteed. There is no doubt that they are the best choice for studying medicine in Australia. But except for them, Australia also has many excellent medical degrees.

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