With the strengthening of global economic integration and the increase of international exchanges, studying abroad has become the choice of many young people around the world, and India is one of the largest exporters of international students – in different institutions of higher learning in different countries, you can see Indian students studying abroad, and the number is huge. So, for Indian students, which country is better to study in? The following are recommended best countries to study abroad for Indian students based on popularity and cost.

1. Canada

For a long time, Canada has been one of the most popular countries for Indian students to study abroad, and the number of Indian students is still maintaining a steady growth trend. The main reasons why Indian students choose Canada are: Canada is a stable, safe and free country, and its education system has always been recognized. More importantly, the entry threshold of Canadian institutions is lower than that of British and American institutions, and the cost is relatively low. In terms of living environment, immigration, education quality, job opportunities, etc., Canada can be said to be the best country for Indian students.

2. United States

The United States has always been one of the most popular countries for studying abroad, attracting international students from all over the world, including Indian students. In the past two years, the number of Indian students in the United States has grown rapidly, and has replaced Chinese students as the country’s largest group of international students. It is not uncommon for most Indian students to choose the United States as their destination for studying abroad, because the United States has many world-renowned schools, and the educational resources are very rich, and the return on tuition investment is high, which can ensure that Indian students in the United States can receive world-class education and get more job opportunities.

3. United Kingdom

The UK is the best country for study for Indian students, and more and more Indian students choose to study in this country. According to Higher Education Student Statistics: UK statistics, in the past five years, the number of international students from India has increased significantly. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the number of Indian students studying in British universities has exceeded 120,000. As an traditional country for studying abroad, the educational strength of the UK is beyond doubt, and it is reasonable to become one of the popular destinations for Indian students to study abroad.

4. Australia

In recent years, Australia is gradually replacing the United Kingdom and the United States as one of the most popular countries for studying abroad in the world. This country has a high level of education, and its academic qualifications are recognized by many countries and employers. In addition, some universities in the country has a very excellent performance in the academic rankings around the world and the immigration policy of the country is loose. Therefore, more and more Indian students are focusing on this country, and the number of Indian students studying in Australia has shown explosive growth in recent years.

5. Germany

Germany is one of the cheapest places to study abroad, because its public universities are of the nature of welfare education, that is, tuition fees are free, or a small amount of tuition fees is charged symbolically. In addition, German science and engineering majors enjoy a high reputation in the world. In the fields of automobile, machinery, engineering, electronics and other disciplines, Germany’s teaching quality and scientific research strength are world-class. Moreover, German university diplomas are highly valued and internationally recognized, and graduates have broad employment prospects. On the whole, this is one of the best countries to study abroad for Indian students, especially for those students whose families have limited economic strength, or who want to study science and engineering abroad.

6. Austria

Like Germany, Austria is also a relatively cheap country to study abroad, and the tuition fees of its public universities are very low. The country has several universities with a long history, and there are quite a few colleges and universities with outstanding performances in fields such as medicine, law, and music arts. Moreover, most Austrian universities offer internationally recognized courses, making it a very good platform for studying abroad. In addition, the living environment here is also very good – the country’s capital, Vienna, has been rated as the city with the highest quality of life in the world for ten consecutive years.

The Bottom Line

From the perspective of the quality of education, the cost of studying abroad and the number of Indian students, these 6 countries are the best countries to study abroad for Indian students. Studying in these countries, Indian students can not only obtain world-class education, but also have the opportunity to stay in these countries to work or even immigrate after graduation.

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