With the opening of the policy, in the past two years, many international students have begun to return to South Australia to receive offline education and complete their studies. And this year, the impact of the epidemic on most countries has once again decreased, so some students begin to plan to study in South Australia and become new international students in South Australia. However, before becoming a South Australia international student, it is necessary for students to learn some useful information about South Australia.

Why International Students Choose South Australia?

South Australia is located in the southern part of Australia. Its capital city, Adelaide, is one of the top 10 livable cities in the world. And this is just one of the advantages that South Australia attracts many international students. Below, let’s take a look at other advantages of South Australia attracting international students.

– World-class Schools

South Australia has world-class educational institutions covering all fields of education, including 3 public universities that rank among the top 2% in the world: the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, and Flinders University. Among them, the University of Adelaide is a member of Group of Eight and one of the top 100 famous universities in the world; The business school of the University of South Australia is as famous as the famous business schools in Europe and the United States, and the university is the only school in Australia that can study degree and flight training courses at the same time; Flinders University is known for its medical research.

– Low Costs

South Australia international students can save a lot of money on tuition fees and living expenses. Whether it is the cost of studying abroad or general living expenses such as rent, the cost in South Australia is far lower than that in big cities such as Sydney or Melbourne, which is about 10-20% cheaper. For international students who plan to study in Australia, Adelaide is an affordable choice – it allows international students to maintain a high quality of life at a lower cost.

– Regional Area

All cities in South Australia are regional areas in Australia, and Australia’s immigration policy has extra points for regional areas. This means that international students in South Australia have extra points when applying for immigration after graduation, making it easier to immigrate. Therefore, for international students who want to immigrate to Australia, cities in South Australia are good choices, especially Adelaide, which is one of the best regional areas to study in Australia.

– Low Unemployment

South Australia is one of the regions with the lowest unemployment rate in Australia, which is mainly related to the population and the demand for talents in short supply. At the same time, Adelaide’s prosperous economy and policy support provide international students with superior resources and a good employment environment.

Best Universities for Those Planning to Become South Australia International Students

As we have mentioned above, South Australia has 3 outstanding public universities, all of which are the best choice for those who plan to become South Australia international students.

– The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is the oldest university in South Australia, and it is also a world-class top comprehensive institution of higher learning, providing elite academic education. It has world-class scientific research facilities and environment, as well as a comprehensive scientific research training system, and has a strong position in many fields such as medicine, life sciences, law, education, and engineering. It is without a doubt one of the best universities for those planning to become international students in South Australia.

– University of South Australia

The University of South Australia is the largest university in South Australia and one of the top universities in Australia. The group of international students in this university is very large, coming from more than 80 countries overseas. The University of South Australia’s teaching focus is to combine professional work experience with theoretical learning, so its courses are practical. At the same time, the university also provides internships, industrial guidance simulations and industrial design projects, which allow the graduates of the school to have a certain amount of practical work experience before leaving school, and have the ability to quickly, confidently and smoothly transition from classroom to employment.

– Flinders University

Located in Adelaide, Flinders University is a dynamic, modern and enterprising modern university with a global reputation for its outstanding teaching and research. The university’s courses are closely integrated with industry, preparing graduates for successful careers.

Best Majors for Those Planning to Become International Students in South Australia

What major should I choose to study abroad in South Australia? It is generally recommended that international students choose the strong majors of the 3 major public universities in South Australia or majors related to Australian immigration occupations. Below are a few majors for your reference.

– The University of Adelaide: Dentistry, Nursing

– University of South Australia: Architecture, Nutrition and Health, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy

– Flinders University: Humanities, Social Work

The Bottom Line

South Australia is an ideal study abroad destination. But in any case, before choosing to become a South Australia international student, you must first have a detailed understanding of the region, and then make a decision. The above information can only provide you with a reference. In addition to this information, you should also make a final decision based on your own situation and other factors.

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