Boston University (BU for short), founded in 1839, is a private university in the United States and a member of The Patriot League. This is a relatively large institution – it is the largest university in Boston and one of the largest private universities in the United States. Meanwhile, it is also a first-class national university in the United States and enjoys a first-class academic reputation in the world. BU university consists of 12 schools & colleges, offering undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, doctoral degrees. Now let’s learn more about this prestigious university.

Boston University Campuses

Boston University has two campuses, the Charles River Campus and the Medical Campus. Charles River Campus is close to the Charles River, and the transportation is very convenient. This is the main Boston University campus, where most of the courses, colleges, teaching activities, student activities, dormitories and libraries are located. Medical Campus is exclusive to the medical school at BU. The distance between the two campuses is not too close, but there is a BU Shuttle between them that goes back and forth every day.

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Boston University Rankings

As a well-known university, Boston University performs very well in world rankings: it ranks 41st in 2023 Best Global Universities Rankings, 65th in 2022 Best Global Universities Rankings, 95th in 2021 Shanghai Ranking’s Academic Ranking of World Universities, 62nd in the 2022 THE World University Rankings, 112th in 2022 QS World University Rankings. Overall, Boston University is basically ranked among the top 100 in the world, which demonstrates its strong academic strength. As a result, the university is very popular with students, and many go to Boston University to study abroad.

Boston University Admissions

To study abroad at Boston University, international students must meet the university’s admissions requirements. In general, the Boston University admissions are as follows:

1. Undergraduate Application Requirements

Start time: January and August every year

Age: 16-25 years old

Education background: high school or equivalent

IELTS score requirements: 7.0

TOEFL (IBT) score requirements: 84-100 (depending on the major)

2. Postgraduate Application Requirements

Start time: January and August every year

IELTS score requirements: 7.0 (depending on the major)

TOEFL score requirements: 84.0-100.0 (depending on the major)

Different Boston University courses have different admission requirements. After selecting a course, applicants can go to Boston University’s official website to search for the selected course and then check its admission requirements.

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Boston University Courses

Boston University not only has first-class teachers and equipment, but also has a sound discipline system, offering three types of degrees: undergraduate, master, and doctor. Moreover, the courses of Boston University focus on the combination of practice and theory, which enables students to better understand and digest the knowledge they have learned, and truly apply what they have learned. To learn about Boston University’s courses, students can do a BU course search on its official website. When choosing courses, students can give priority to courses in the following subject areas. They are all advantageous disciplines of Boston University, have strong academic strength, and enjoy a high academic reputation.

– Communication: Boston University’s communication major enjoys a great reputation and has cultivated countless outstanding alumni. It is the first university in the United States to offer public relations. According to College Factual, BU ranks the second best undergraduate journalism school in the United States, and the journalism program it offers ranks third in the best undergraduate journalism program in the United States.

– Biomedical Engineering: The university’s biomedical engineering is ranked in the top ten in the United States and is a leader in the field.

– Business: Boston University’s business major is offered by the Questrom School of Business. This school has produced many well-known alumni and is well-known for the quality of its graduates.

– Engineering: Graduates from Boston University’s College of Engineering are popular with companies and have a very high employment rate.

– Music: In 2014, it was selected as one of the 54 most outstanding music schools in the world by the authoritative American music magazine Musical America.

In addition, Boston University also has excellent performance in economics, law, medicine, education and other disciplines. The quality of courses offered by Boston University in these subject areas is very high, and a large number of students apply for related courses every year.

Final Words

There is no doubt that Boston University is a very desirable study destination. Although it is not a member of the famous Ivy League, its strength is widely recognized. In addition, this university has the Boston University Study Abroad program, which provides many students with the opportunity to go to Spain, Israel, Brazil, London, Paris, Sydney, Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York, Washington and other places for study and internship every year. This enables students to study in other countries and learn the most effective professional knowledge locally.

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