Christchurch is the second largest city in New Zealand and the largest city in the South Island, with beaches, parks, thriving cultural and artistic activities, entertainment and rich food choices. At the same time, Christchurch also has some high-quality intermediate schools, which enable students here to obtain a good education while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery and colorful leisure life. Overall, it is a good choice to study intermediate school in Christchurch. So here, let’s take a look at 6 excellent intermediate schools in Christchurch.

Riccarton High School

Riccarton High School is located in the northwest suburb of Christchurch, close to the University of Canterbury, Lincoln University and Christchurch International Airport. It is a public co-educational school with good academic, sporting and cultural achievements, accepting students aged 13-19 (grades 9-13). Moreover, the school facilities of Riccarton High School are advanced and perfect. The school has an environmentally friendly multi-purpose library known throughout New Zealand. In addition, Riccarton High School offers a variety of courses, such as ABM courses, which include training related to snow, rivers and seas, and comprehensive ESOL courses (IELTS intensive courses), and the most prestigious volleyball course. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best intermediate schools in Christchurch.

Cashmere High School

Cashmere High School is one of the excellent public intermediate schools in the Christchurch area. Founded in 1956, it mainly provides high-quality secondary education and a superior learning environment for students aged 13-19. The school has strong teaching staff, a wide range of teaching subjects, and ranks among the best in curriculum development and evaluation. In addition, Cashmere High School has also set up more than 60 kinds of diverse cultural and sports activities and community organizations, which has strengthened its competitiveness and comprehensive level.

Middleton Grange School

Middleton Grange School is located in Christchurch, one of the most populous cities in New Zealand. The school was established in 1964 to provide high-quality education for students in grades K-12. It is worth mentioning that this is a school with a Christian background, but it does not require students to be religious, and students from all over the world and with different cultural backgrounds are welcome to study. Middleton Grange School’s academic performance is much higher than New Zealand’s national and local average high schools, and it also has strong leadership and music programs. It can be said that this is one of the best intermediate schools in Christchurch.

Christchurch Girl’s High School

Christchurch Girl’s High School, founded in 1877, is an excellent girls’ high school located in Christchurch. It is one of the oldest girls’ schools in New Zealand, with a long history and tradition and excellent teaching quality. This intermediate school in Christchurch has trained many girls and helped them achieve excellent results. As an excellent girls’ school, Christchurch Girl’s High School provides an excellent academic education, with a wide range of subject choices and challenging courses, which can well develop students’ learning potential. In addition to academics, the school is also well developed in terms of culture and sports, allowing students here to experience world-class quality education.

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School is a private girls’ boarding school in Christchurch for girls from Years 7 to 13. The school has first-class teaching facilities, including modern classrooms, science laboratories and a heated swimming pool, etc., as well as a strong teaching system, which can provide students with a good learning environment and comprehensive teaching and support services. More importantly, Rangi Ruru is one of New Zealand’s top schools, and its students have won the highest awards and the highest proportion of awards in various national and international competitions and examinations.

Burnside High School

Burnside High School is one of the largest middle schools in New Zealand and one of the best middle schools in the national entrance examination. It is recognized as a first-class school at home and abroad, and its students perform particularly well, especially in music, visual arts, mathematics and computers. The excellent intermediate school in Christchurch recruits students from Year 9 to Year 13 over the age of 13. It provides a very wide range of course options, professional teachers and rich resources, aiming to guide and support students to improve their performance in all aspects and improve their personal and interpersonal skills.

The Bottom Line

These 6 schools can be said to be the best intermediate schools in Christchurch, able to provide first-class secondary education to students in the region and around the world, and help develop students’ potential and talents in academics, sports and other fields. In addition to these schools, there are many schools for students to choose from in Christchurch or other cities in New Zealand. Students who want to know about these schools can use School Finder to do a school search and quickly get information about intermediate schools in New Zealand or Christchurch.

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