The Master of Laws (LLM) is one of the most popular postgraduate law degrees in Australia because it provides higher-level professional courses for students with legal qualifications, and a wide range of professional fields, including international commercial law, public international law, intellectual property law, legal practice, corporate law, criminal law, environmental law, European Union law and other courses. Among them, the LLM program offered by The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, Monash University, Australian National University and The University of Queensland is generally considered to be the best Master of Laws in Australia because they have the best law schools in Australia.

Now let’s learn about the 6 best LLM in Australia!

Master of Laws at The University of Melbourne

Melbourne Law School is the best university to study LLM in Australia cause it is the NO.1 law school in the country, offering high-quality and high-level law courses, which are regarded as the top law course in Australia. Its Master of Laws program is an one-year full time course for domestic and international students, offering students a choice of more than 170 subjects across dozens of specialist areas of law. However, this top Master of Law in Australia is available only for law graduates and working professionals looking to immerse themselves in selected areas of the law.

Master of Laws at The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney’s Master of Laws is also one of the Australia’s leading postgraduate programs in law, designed for students with an undergraduate degree in law or a doctorate in law. As one of the best Master of Laws in Australia, the program provides exceptional knowledge, flexibility, networking opportunities and the ability to work on a global stage, as well as the skills to excel in a competitive legal environment. Its high quality and high recognition make it one of the most ideal LLMs in Australia for international students.

Master of Laws at UNSW Sydney

The Master of Laws (LLM) at UNSW Sydney is a highly regarded and internationally recognized one-year full-time postgraduate degree designed to extend students’ legal knowledge and accelerate their career development. The outstanding LLM in Australia involves a variety of professional fields, including: Chinese International Business & Economic Law, Corporate, Commercial & Taxation Law, Criminal Justice & Criminology, Dispute Resolution, Environmental Law & Sustainable Development, Human Rights Law & Policy, International Law, Media, Intellectual Property & Technology Law.

Master of Laws at Monash University

Monash University’s Master of Laws is a very flexible LLM in Australia that allows students to complete their studies and obtain a Masters degree in one or two years. The program offers 9 majors: Commercial and Corporate Law, Criminal Law and Forensics, Dispute Resolution, Global Society and Human Rights, Health Law and Community, Labor and Employment Law, Public Sector Governance and Regulation, Technology and Innovation, Transnational Economic Regulation. This Master of Laws in Australia allows students to choose one of these specializations to study and is ideal for law graduates who wish to develop an in-depth understanding of a specific area of law or to enhance their expertise in their current area of practice.

Master of Laws at Australian National University

ANU College of Law is one of the world’s leading law schools and one of Australia’s leading Master of Laws providers. This postgraduate program is open to law and non-law graduates. It is ideal for those wishing to deepen their knowledge in a particular area of law as well as those planning to enter a new area of practice. The ANU LLM program offers a range of contemporary legal topics including information technology, aviation and aerospace, environment and climate, cyber warfare, international security and human rights. In addition, it is the most flexible Master of Laws in Australia – it can be completed in one year full-time or up to five years part-time.

Master of Laws at The University of Queensland

As the best law school in Queensland, T.C. Beirne School of Law at the University of Queensland offers a world-class and extensive legal program, including the Master of Laws. The University of Queensland’s LLM program is designed to enhance students’ theoretical and practical expertise, enhance students’ independent and critical thinking, and develop students’ research skills to give them a professional edge.

These 6 Master of Laws in Australia are provided by the best 6 law schools in Australia, and the quality is well recognized. None of them are online LLM in Australia, so the cost of completing these courses is a bit high, especially for international students – these LLM in Australia’s fees are between AU$44,000 – AU$54,000 per year for international students. Based on the cost of these 6 courses, we can guess that the cost of LLM in Australia will not be very low. To get more LLM in Australia, please search via Course Finder. If there are any course you are interested in, you can go to the official website of the course provider to check the specific admission requirements and fees.

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