With the wide application of big data in business, the professional demand for business analytics has also increased significantly. In the job market, major companies are scrambling to recruit professional-related talents, and the salaries they offer are relatively generous. Due to the large demand for professional talents in the job market, many Australian universities have successively offered this subject, and business analytics has become one of the most popular majors in recent years. Today, let’s take a look at the Master of Business Analytics in Australia.

Search Master of Business Analytics in Australia

There are many Master in Business Analytics in Australia, but due to different course providers, the content and focus of the courses are also different. You can first use the Course Finder to find out which Master in Business Analytics courses are available in Australia, and then choose the courses that suit you according to your actual situation.

To search Master in Business Analytics in Australia using Course Finder, you just need to:

– Go to the Course Finder page.

– Choose “Australia” as the destination.

– Enter “Master of Business Analytics” in the searching box.

– Hit the Search button to get a list of Master of Business Analytics courses in Australia.

Through the Course Finder, you can not only get the course name and course provider, but also get the Master of Business Analytics in Australia fees, intake, admission requirements and other course details.

Best Master of Business Analytics in Australia

According to the Master of Business Analytics in Australia ranking, the best Master of Business Analytics programs in Australia include but not limited to:

1. Master of Business Analytics – The University of Melbourne

Melbourne Business School is one of the best business schools in Australia and ranks among the best in the world in the field of business analytics. It can be said that the Master of Business Analytics provided by the University of Melbourne is the best Master of Business Analytics in Australia. Focusing on quantitative methods and the role of data in decision-making, this postgraduate 1-year full-time course provides the skills and knowledge to prepare students to become outstanding data scientist specialists.

2. Master of Commerce (Data Analytics for Business) – The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney does not set up a separate business analysis program, but sets up the professional direction of Data Analytics for Business under the Master of Commerce. Students who choose this major will be able to use techniques and business knowledge from optimization, statistics and artificial intelligence to assist business decision-making, master the tools of quantitative analysis and apply them to business environments. The duration of this course is a little longer than that of the University of Melbourne, which is 1.5 years full-time.

3. Master of Commerce (Business Analytics) – UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney’s Master of Commerce is a 1.7-year full-time graduate program degree with 14 majors for students to choose from, including Business Analytics. Taught by prestigious academics and professionals, this excellent Master of Business Analytics in Australia is career-focused and provides access to data, data analysis and applied data insights. Through the program, students will deepen their expertise in their field of study and gain the comprehensive understanding needed to thrive in any business environment.

4. Master of Business Analytics – Monash University

Monash Business School has obtained triple accreditation from AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System), and AMBA (The Association of MBAs), ranking among the top in the world in many business fields. It offers an excellent Master of Business Analytics designed to develop thinking, computational and analytical skills for working with data, suitable for students with undergraduate degrees in quantitative disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, computer science and engineering.

5. Master of Business Analytics – Deakin University

Deakin University’s Master of Business Analytics has been developed with industry needs in mind, introducing a range of internationally recognized business intelligence and analytics tools with a strong focus on practice. Through this excellent Master in Business Analytics in Australia, students will understand how to use modern modeling and solution techniques to solve decision-making problems in business, becoming business analytics experts capable of driving business growth through analysis-based solutions.

6. Master of Business Analytics – La Trobe University

La Trobe University’s Master of Business Analytics is accredited and provides advanced skills in business, programming and data engineering as well as the SAS Certificate in Business Analytics, enabling graduates to work in business analytics. As well as knowledge and skills, the graduate program also provides opportunities for voluntary placements with leading organizations such as PwC, IBM, NORTH Link and Coles, allowing students to gain professional experience.

The Bottom Line

Master of Business Analytics in Australia is a very good choice to study, and the employment prospects are relatively good, so for those who plan to study or work in Australia, it is worth considering. To learn other courses at Australian universities or news and tips about studying in the country

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