Southern Cross University (SCU) is a comprehensive public university located in Lismore, Australia. Founded in 1994, it is one of the youngest universities in Australia, which is innovative in its teaching, technologically advanced, and has a strong reputation, especially for its research, which is internationally renowned. Southern Cross University consistently delivers high-quality course content to its students, which makes it very popular with domestic and foreign students and become one of the outstanding institutions in Australia.

Southern Cross University Campuses

Southern Cross University has 3 main campuses, namely Gold Coast campus, Coffs Harbour campus, Lismore Campus, all of which are located on the east coast of Australia.

1. Gold Coast campus

The Gold Coast Campus of Southern Cross University is located in Coolangatta, only 400 meters away from North Kirra Beach, adjacent to the Gold Coast Airport, with extremely modern teaching facilities and equipment, known as the electronic campus. Reflecting the city’s development and diversity, this campus offers courses in arts, nursing, midwifery, occupational therapy, podiatry and paediatrics, psychological sciences, speech pathology, social sciences and social welfare, business, education, information technology, law and tourism.

2. Coffs Harbour campus

Coffs Harbor campus is located in the center of the innovation hub, with more than 1,200 students, beautiful campus environment, advanced teaching facilities, complete supporting services, and the famous National Marine Science Centre. This campus offers a range of course options across health, education and marine science, complemented by the world-leading research conducted at the nearby National Marine Science Centre.

3. Lismore campus

The Lismore campus covers 75 hectares of lush sub-tropical grounds, beautifully landscaped gardens and rainforest walks, and is just 5 minutes from Lismore city centre. There is ELICOS English Center in the campus, an international department that provides various expert services for international students.

In addition to these three main campuses, Southern Cross University also has Coomera Creative campus, National Marine Science Centre and so on. These Southern Cross University campuses provide knowledge and research in different subject areas, each with its own advantages and characteristics.

Southern Cross University Faculties and Colleges

Southern Cross University has 4 faculties and 2 colleges, which are Faculty of Business, Law and Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples and SCU College. All faculties and colleges provide high-quality courses and research activities, which are a very important part of SCU. It is worth noting that SCU College mainly provides preparation and bridging courses for domestic and international students, providing a series of units for students preparing to enter the university, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students, to improve their study skills, academic writing, research skills, communication and self-confidence etc.

Southern Cross University Courses

As one of the important public universities in Australia, Southern Cross University offers a wide range of academic courses to meet various study needs, including literature, education, sociology, business, tourism, law, health and environmental science. In addition to teaching in the classroom, the school also offers many different distance/online courses to students. To learn about Southern Cross University courses, please search and view them on the Course Finder page.

Southern Cross University is more prominent in tourism and hotel management majors. Since its establishment, the employment rate of graduates in this major has been over 95%. Moreover, in the survey and research report of Australia’s local ERA, the research level of 25 majors of Southern Cross University has reached the world standard, the overall scientific research level ranks 10th in Australia, and the business management and accounting majors rank 11th in Australia. In the ERA research level rankings, Southern Cross University ranked 11th and 12th among Australian universities in 2012 and 2015 respectively.

Why Choose Southern Cross University?

Southern Cross University has a large student body, so what made Southern Cross University international students and domestic students choose this school? Let’s take a look at the advantages of this university.

1. SCU has an original learning model — Southern Cross Model: it divides an academic year into six small semesters, and only takes 1 or 2 subjects in each small semester, which allows students to focus on a certain field and improve learning efficiency.

2. SCU has the National Marine Science Centre.

3. The tuition fee of Southern Cross University is very cheap, and there is a scholarship of 5,000 Australian dollars per year.

4. SCU is one of the official members of the internationally recognized Association of Commonwealth Universities, and its courses are recognized by governments and professional organizations around the world. The biggest feature of the university is its curriculum design. In addition to allowing students to listen to lectures in the classroom, a number of courses in the school will be combined with related industries and provide internship opportunities for students to apply what they have learned. At the same time, it will also lay the foundation for students to find jobs after graduation and increase the employment rate of students. Besides, seminars, on-site visits, etc. are arranged during the study, so that the teaching types are diversified and the learning is more comprehensive.

The Bottom Line

Although it is far less prestigious internationally than the Group of Eight, namely the Ivy League universities in Australia, Southern Cross University is a very famous public university in Australia, and its academic research strength has also been widely recognized.

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