There are many types of schools in Australia for students to choose from, including Catholic schools. As the name suggests, a Catholic school is a school that provides students with a complete Christian education to achieve the integration of faith and culture, faith and life, which is suitable for students who believe in Catholicism or students who need strict management. There are many Catholic schools for students to choose from in various regions of Australia, and for students who want to enroll in Catholic schools in Western Australia, they need to know about Catholic Education WA or Catholic Education Western Australia.

What is Catholic Education WA?

Catholic Education WA or Catholic Education Western Australia is a state-based system of 163 schools, colleges and early learning institutions with the vision to be a Christ-centred, child-focused community of engaged learning environments. It is central to Catholic Education Western Australia’s delivery of Catholic education across the state’s four Catholic dioceses, Broome, Bunbury, Geraldton and Perth, educating 80,000+ young people in 163 schools and colleges across Western Australia.

Schools covered by CEWA

Catholic Education WA covers 163 Catholic schools in Western Australia, including:

These member schools of Catholic Education Western Australia are Catholic schools located in Western Australia, enrolling students from all backgrounds and providing primary or secondary education. It can be said that this community includes almost all Catholic schools in Western Australia.

Famous Catholic Schools in the Catholic Education Western Australia

Of the 163 schools covered by CEWA, some are well known such as Aranmore Catholic College, Santa Maria College, Ursula Frayne Catholic College and John XXIII College.

– Aranmore Catholic College

Aranmore Catholic College is a co-educational secondary school located in Perth, Western Australia, providing education for students in grades 7-12. Although it is a Catholic school, Aranmore Catholic College promotes tolerance and acceptance, regardless of culture and religion. Over the years, this Catholic school in WA has provided quality education to students both at home and abroad, producing graduates who not only meet high academic performance standards, but also have a strong ability to resist adversity.

– Santa Maria College

Santa Maria College is an independent, Catholic, girls’ day and boarding school established in 1938. It is a vibrant school with a growing local presence and reputation. As a Catholic school in WA, Santa Maria College offers a curriculum aligned with the Western Australian curriculum and provides students with a wide range of learning opportunities, providing students with a rich learning experience through classroom learning and extracurricular projects, with a strong focus on student well-being.

– Ursula Frayne Catholic College

Ursula Frayne Catholic College is a private co-educational school, famous for its excellent teaching quality, first-class teaching facilities and professional student services. The college has complete teaching equipment and facilities, a modern campus, professional faculty and staff, and provides comprehensive, thoughtful and high-quality services for international students. The academic performance of the college is excellent, and it is specially funded by the government of Western Australia – there are government scholarships for international students in this college all the year round.

– John XXIII College

John XXIII College is a coeducational Catholic school with a strong reputation for academic and extracurricular activities and facilities. The school is committed to providing students with a good education in intellectual, physical, cultural, social and spiritual aspects, providing advanced educational programs that can meet students’ wide range of interests and room for growth, and encouraging all students to be passionate about their educational journey, and bravely meet the inevitable challenges that come with deep understanding.

Expand Knowledge: Catholic University in WA

There are not many Catholic universities in Australia, but there is one in Western Australia, the University of Notre Dame Australia. The University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA) is Australia’s first Catholic university and one of only three private universities in Australia, offering high-level higher education courses. The University of Notre Dame Australia is recognized as one of the many innovative and vibrant universities in Australia. Founded in 1990, it is the sister school of the University of Notre Dame in the United States (the top 18 universities in the United States). The two schools maintain a close cooperative relationship in teaching and student exchanges. The University of Notre Dame Australia has both modern features and retains ancient and traditional Catholic features, and enjoys a reputation among universities for its leading traditional professional education.

The Bottom Line

Catholic Education WA provides students in Western Australia with quality and faith-based education through 163 Catholic schools in the state. Compared with other schools, Catholic schools focus more on the development of the whole person, including intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and emotional development, so that students can develop more comprehensively. Therefore, it is a pretty good option for students who want to study in Western Australia.

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