As an economically powerful country, Australia is a good choice for majoring in business administration. There are mainly two types of business administration courses in Australia, one is the undergraduate course Bachelor of Business Administration, referred to as BBA, and the other is the master course Master of Business Administration, referred to as MBA. To learn about the MBA in Australia, please read the article: All Things You Need to Know about Studying MBA in Australia. Here we will focus on the BBA in Australia.

BBA Courses in Australia

BBA is a very common course in Australia, and most universities offer it, such as the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, Australian National University, the University of Queensland, etc. To get the overall BBA courses in Australia, you can use Course Finder. But if you want to choose suitable courses, it is strongly recommended that you consider the courses offered by top Australian BBA universities, such as Australian National University, Monash University, The University of Wollongong, University of Canberra, Macquarie University and University of Technology Sydney.

1. Bachelor of Business Administration at Australian National University

Australian National University is one of best universities in the world offering BBA. Its Bachelor of Business Administration is a single three year undergraduate award offered by the ANU College of Business and Economics, which is also one of the best BBAs in Australia for international students. This flexible and excellent BBA course in Australia will develop students’ real-world skills to start a successful new business, lead an organization, plan and manage a complex project, etc. Graduates of the program will have a wide range of employment opportunities, with the opportunity to become business consultants, managers, marketing representatives, entrepreneurs and more.

2. Bachelor of Business Administration at Monash University

Monash University is a university that is very suitable for studying BBA in Australia, and its business school is internationally recognized. Monash’s BBA program is also full-time for three years and provides the practical skills needed to operate effectively in a business environment. Students who choose this program have a variety of major, extended major and minor options, including accounting, business administration studies, economics and business decisions, finance and economics, management practice, marketing and communications.

3. Bachelor of Business Administration at The University of Wollongong

The Bachelor of Business Administration at The University of Wollongong is a flexible degree that provides a broad education covering all key aspects of the business environment, including essential core subjects such as accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing, as well as specific business disciplines, preparing students to enter business upon graduation.

4. Bachelor of Business Administration at University of Canberra

The University of Canberra offers a range of forward-looking, practical business courses that provide students with the skills needed to enter an international career, and the Bachelor of Business Administration is one of them. The University of Canberra’s Bachelor of Business Administration is designed to provide a broad skill set to prepare students for roles in small and medium-sized enterprises in today’s competitive global business environment. However, the program is only available to students transferring from another degree offered by the University of Canberra or an approved articulation partner.

5. Bachelor of Business Administration at Macquarie University

As one of the most suitable universities in Australia for BBA, Macquarie University offers excellent Bachelor of Business Administration course. The program will develop students’ skills in business, ethics, management, finance, economics, accounting, human resources, marketing and strategy, which are key competencies required to succeed in today’s dynamic global business environment.

6. Bachelor of Business Administration at University of Technology Sydney

The Bachelor of Business Administration at University of Technology Sydney provides the skills to effectively manage the businesses and organizations of the future, taking into account indigenous perspectives, cultural diversity and ethical standards for managing in today’s changing organizations. It is a BBA course in Australia specially designed for future leaders.

Australia BBA Fees

Australia BBA fees are not uniform – each school charges differently. Overall, the annual indicative fee for international students is between AU$30,000 ~ AU$50,000. The fees for domestic students will be relatively lower. Most schools provide scholarships, so students in need can also apply for scholarships, which can reduce your financial pressure to a certain extent.

BBA Course Duration in Australia

The BBA course duration in Australia is basically 3 years full-time, divided into 6 semesters. During these three years, BBA students need to obtain certain credits in order to successfully graduate and obtain the recognized Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

The Bottom Line

Studying BBA in Australia is a good choice. There are not only top business schools and world-class Bachelor of Business Administration programs, but also many practical and employment opportunities, allowing you to acquire useful knowledge and skills, while accumulating practical experience and preparing for future employment.

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