Fordham University is a world-class private research university located in New York City, USA. It enjoys a high reputation worldwide, and its popularity in New York is second only to Columbia University and New York University. Founded in 1841, the university is one of the oldest Catholic universities in the northeastern United States and the only Jesuit university in New York City. Its undergraduate and graduate teaching is generally recognized in the United States, especially undergraduate courses based on liberal arts.

Fordham University Campuses

Fordham University has 3 campuses in the United States, namely Lincoln Center Campus, Rose Hill Campus, and Westchester Campus.

1. Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus

Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus is located in the heart of Manhattan, currently there are Fordham College at Lincoln Center, Gabelli School of Business, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Social Service, School of Law, School of Several colleges of Continuing and Professional Studies, enrolling undergraduate and graduate students.

2. Fordham University Rose Hill Campus

Rose Hill Campus, the main campus of Fordham University, features Gothic architecture and tree-lined walkways. This campus offers all majors except law, which means that it provides students with different kinds of courses, meeting the study needs of most Fordham University students.

3. Fordham University Westchester Campus

Fordham University Westchester Campus is located in West Harrison, NY and is home to 4 schools and 3 research institutes: Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies, Gabelli School of Business, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Social Service, Beck Institute on Religion and Poverty, Children and Families Institute, Ravazzin Center on Aging.

Schools of Fordham University

Fordham University has undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs offered by different schools. Currently, the university’s undergraduate programs are offered by four colleges or schools: Fordham College at Lincoln Center, Fordham College at Rose Hill, Gabelli School of Business and Professional and Continuing Studies. The university’s graduate programs are offered by its 7 schools, namely: Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Education, Gabelli School of Business, School of Professional and Continuing Studies, Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education, School of Law and Graduate School of Social Service. The most famous of these are Fordham University’s School of Law and Gabelli School of Business.

1. School of Law

Fordham University School of Law, also known as Fordham Law or Fordham Law School, is one of eight American Bar Association-accredited law schools in New York City. This school not only pays attention to the education of academic and practical skills, but also pays attention to the spirit of morality and public service, and has cultivated many leaders for the legal profession.

2. Gabelli School of Business

Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University is located in New York, the financial center of the United States, having a great geographical advantage. This business school is committed to developing students’ skills in acquiring knowledge and enhancing creativity. It has an open and supportive atmosphere and has a reputation for excellence in academic research and education. Moreover, the school has strong teaching staff, among which there are many outstanding scholars and senior business leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

Fordham University Degrees

Fordham University offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a variety of subject areas. If you want to know the specific Fordham University degrees and their details, you can visit the university’s official website to search for more details.

Among the many majors and courses offered by this university, the most popular majors are communication and journalism, business and management, and finance. When choosing a course, students can give priority to courses in these majors, especially business majors.

Fordham University Costs

Tuition fees vary for courses of different majors and years of study, but as a private university in the United States, Fordham University’s cost will not be low. According to the tuition fee schedule for the 2020-2021 academic year, the tuition fees for undergraduate students at Fordham University are around $13,890 per semester, and the tuition fees for graduate students are around $14,890 per semester. In addition to tuition fees, students also need to bear living expenses, transportation expenses, etc., which is a big expense for many students.

The Bottom Line

Although Fordham University is not as famous as the Ivy League schools, it is still a very popular existence, especially its superior location, attracting many students from home and abroad. Here, students can obtain first-class higher education, rich educational resources, and have the opportunity to build a huge social network, all of which are very beneficial to the future development of students. In a word, it is a very ideal place to study.

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