Embracing a new culture as an international student is an adventure filled with learning and growth. At Student.com, in partnership with CulturaGo, we’re dedicated to facilitating your cultural integration, ensuring you don’t feel isolated due to cultural nuances. Our resources aim to make your transition into new environments smooth and enriching.

Why CulturaGo?

CulturaGo offers comprehensive courses on various global cultures, designed to enhance your understanding and engagement in new social settings. From avoiding cultural misunderstandings to connecting with locals, CulturaGo prepares you to adjust like a pro and immerse yourself in the local culture​​.

Avoiding Isolation Through Cultural Understanding

Cultural differences can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation for international students. CulturaGo’s courses provide vital insights and practical knowledge, equipping you to navigate new cultural landscapes with ease and confidence. This understanding is crucial in helping you feel connected and engaged in your new community, rather than isolated​​.

LifeSync: Balancing Wellbeing and Cultural Adjustment

Student.com introduces LifeSync, a holistic resource for syncing every aspect of your life as a student. From mental health to cultural adjustment and physical fitness, LifeSync offers tools and resources for harmonizing your academic journey with personal development. It’s about ensuring you thrive in every aspect of your student life.

Partnering with Ollie Health for Mental Wellbeing

To further support your wellbeing, Student.com has partnered with Ollie Health. This collaboration provides targeted assistance for social anxieties and other mental health concerns, offering a supportive network and resources for effective management of the various aspects of student life. Learn more about the mental health resources available through Ollie Health at Student.com’s Ollie Health page.

Do You Have These Questions? CulturaGo and Ollie Health Have the Answers

As an international student, you might find yourself pondering some important questions about your new journey:

  • “How can I make friends from different cultures and avoid sticking only to my ethnicity?”
  • “What are effective ways to overcome language and cultural barriers in making new friends?”
  • “How do I balance staying connected to my cultural roots while embracing the new culture I’m living in?”

If these questions resonate with you, you’re not alone. CulturaGo courses offer practical strategies for making friends across cultural barriers and understanding local customs. Ollie Health is here to support your mental well-being during this exciting yet challenging transition.


Your journey as an international student encompasses both academic achievements and personal growth. With CulturaGo’s cultural resources, LifeSync’s wellbeing support, and Ollie Health’s mental health assistance, you’re fully equipped to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities of studying abroad. Expand your horizons and sync your life for the best possible student experience. Begin exploring these resources on Student.com’s CulturaGo page.

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